japanese healthy dinner recipes for two should try

In the previous section we showed you 10 great Japanese dishes. In this section we would like to introduce Japanese healthy dinner recipes for two. Who should go to Japan once?


On the occasion of the east wind rushed back to Japan, the streets of Tokyo are subdued by the scent of yaki-imo-baked sweet potatoes. Inviting sounds from small cars selling sweet potatoes roasting through the streets can be easily seen everywhere. Yaki-imo usually "disappears" as soon as spring comes, but a very exotic dish called daigaku imo - university sweet potato, sweet sugar coated snacks are sold all year round. Walking through some small grocery stores like Takashimaya, you can catch this delightful daigaku imo.

Japanese healthy dinner recipes for two should try

Tameishi is on top healthy dinner recipes for two

The small bowl is evaporated, the inside is a piece of fish andkonbu, shake a little bit more Japanese sansho pepper is the image reminds of the union. This is also the flavor you will not want to go anywhere in the remote home of your own home.

Although the Omasa Komasa restaurant in Higashi Nakamo is very well known for its excellent Tameishi, it is probably best to enjoy it with Mother's loving hand.


If you use the phrase "octopus balls" to imagine the takoyaki, it is not enough to describe the deliciousness of this specialty from Osaka. The outer crust of each brittle crust, surrounded by the octopus nucleus is placed neatly inside. The top is sprinkled with a little red ginger and onion, surrounded by sweet sauce and slightly sticky ...

Japanese healthy dinner recipes for two should try 3

This is the most popular dish of the festival season and will be nothing more attractive than a late afternoon, be leisurely enjoy each soft takoyaki soft to the last piece. ^^


Kabayaki are eel slices dipped in a thick layer of sauces and sweetened with a sweet scent, then roasted on an iron griddle.

We also do not understand that this dish is so popular in the summer, although the taste of it comes from the hot meat is still hot ...


is considered the best of top healthy dinner recipes for two. Ochazuke is often referred to as the "Chicken soup for soul" of the Japanese. This dish is very interesting. It is a combination of simplicity of white rice bowl with green tea flavor mixed with seaweed soup. At the top are salty pieces of snow, smooth as snowflakes, interspersed with plums - a kind of fruit that easily arouses your craving, especially when tired or tired.

Japanese healthy dinner recipes for two should try 4

If you want to try an Ochazuke experience, go to Zuzu in Kabukicho. Ochazuke here will bring you delicious tastes!


Onigiri are cute rice balls, often shaped like triangles, and are a favorite dish of many Japanese. In this country, we can buy Ongiri in all department stores, even cheaper than a cup of coffee ... The ingredients to make this lovely rice is also very diverse, These may be pieces of fine white cod, salmon roe, or mayonnaise slices with mayonnaise. At the convenience stores around the baseball field, Onigiri is also home to seasonally seasoned delicacies!

Here is a funny picture of Onigiri created from the skillful hands of a Japanese girl. So cute are not you?


This is not a strange dish for Vietnamese people, it is very familiar tofu in the family meal ^ ^.

Tofu is a very rich source of protein and is well crafted into a variety of dishes. From fried tofu, tofu in dashi soup, bean curd to beef ... until cold tofu is sprinkled with herbs with gentle aroma.

Japanese healthy dinner recipes for two should try 5


Top Japanses healthy dinner recipes for two name Natto is the most "personal" dish in the cuisine of Japan. This cheese-like dish is actually fermented from soybeans, so it has a very specific "flavor". It is the intense taste that people feel extremely passionate but some people feel scary ... Those who do not like this taste often complain that natto smell like hard durian, lumps! But whoever is a fan of this food love it to the level of "addiction" always ^ ^ It is extremely delicious if you eat natto with fresh tuna, a little kimchi or pork will also be a choice.

With savvy diners with natto, top chefs in Sendaiya will have a way to hide the natto cleverly inside the fried donuts and diners will soon be conquered by this enticing dish.

Okkonomiya / Monjayaki

This fatty and delicious cake is made up of a myriad of different ingredients, depending on the preferences of each person. It can bring the taste of thin sliced beef, octopus, shrimp or even cheeses ... all contribute to a blend that is both rich and harmonious.

Monjayaki is another form of okonomiyaki and equally attractive. The ideal place for you to enjoy these two dishes is at Tsukishima. This is also known as the place where people first try the okonomiyaki will "remember forever not forget" ^^ '


Nabe is considered as a Japanese hot pot. On the cold winter nights, you will feel the warmth spreading from the boiling pot, the bubbling water that appears and then shattered ... At Yoshiba restaurant, Nabe is like pictures. About the sumo players because of the variety, abundance of nutrition. In each meal, you can enjoy a variety of fish, meat, vegetables and finally, please drop some udon noodles and chicken eggs to eat together, sure you will feel satisfied!

Japanese healthy dinner recipes for two should try 6

Why shouldnot we try the healthy dinner recipes for two of Japanese once?


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