it is miss if you forget top 3 healthy meal recipes

Besides the picky dishes by the ingredients are hard to find, Western cuisine also has many delicious foods that is easy to cook. Let’s introduce 3 top European healthy meal recipes in simple step by step!

Grilled chicken breasts

The aroma of bacon mixed with chicken pieces flavored with spices will certainly be undeniably delicious food.

healthy meal recipes


•Sliced bait: 150gr

•Chicken breast: 300gr

•Spices: seasoning powder, coriander powder, cinnamon, anise, ginger, rosemary, thyme each amount just enough.


- You cut chicken pieces about 3x4cm, marinate spices over 30 'for meat to infuse.

- Spreading the smoked meat on a flat surface, then placing the chicken pieces over and rolling over so that the chicken slices in the bacon strips.

healthy meal recipes 1

- You fry the pan with a little oil, place the meat with the bottom edge of the pan so that the chicken is not removed from the bacon.

- You set small fire and fry all sides until cooked meat.

The chicken breast rolls can be served with bread, boiled vegetables and mayonnaise, tomato sauce and chili sauce.

So we have finished a good food very easy to cook, isn’t it?

Monte Cristo be named on top healthy meal recipes

Ham Cheese French Toast Sandwich or Monte Cristo is good food for people’s health

healthy meal recipes 3


•5 slices of baguette or sandwich

•50gr of Mozzarella cheese

•3 slices of minced mince

•Some parsley branches.


- You sprinkle on the toasted hamburger, cheese and parsley each in the right amount.

- Placing the bread on the tray and let it into the oven about 5-7 'so that the cheese is flowing smoothly, yellow bread.

Just a glass of milk and a few slices of toast cheese in the list of healthy meal recipes you will have a delicious breakfast and full of energy.

Grilled chicken salad


•1 ripe of mango.

•2 small oranges

healthy meal recipes 5

•150gr of chicken breast

•A large salty salad


•Olive oil

•A little bit wedge


healthy meal recipes 6

- Chicken is marinated with a little wedge seeds to soak. Putting in a golden ovens or frying together with a little oil on the stove until the fire near the edge.

- Chicken cooked be cut the square piece size 1.5cm

- Mango is peeled and cut 1.5 cm squares

- You peel orange to gain the inside.

- You put all the ingredients in a large container

- The remaining orange juice to get water and you add 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise or shake mix evenly (can add a little salt)

- Adding the sauce to the salad, add a little olive oil, mix well and enjoy.

So we have a delicious salad, like the standard restaurant.


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