easy healthy recipes for two people

Nowadays, we stuck in rat race life, we rarely have time to cook. So let me introduce you some easy healthy recipes for two people.


The most important of eating habit is a healthy eating. It doesn’t mean that you have to limit all foods expected whole grains, organic vegetables as well as organic fruits.

More than that, healthy eating mean you are feel well, have more energy, avoid some common diseases as well. If someday you are overwhelmed by all conflicting ideas from Internet, back to us and see what if we can help you. Let’s me guide you how to cook easy healthy recipes for two people .


Recipe is easy beef with broccoli


The first recipe is easy beef with broccoli. Broccoli is the source of vitamin C, K and folate. It is also contains source of dietary of fiber, some kind of vitamins such as B6, E and canxi as well.


Easy healthy recipes for two people


How about beef?


Beef is also a source of vitamins B2, B6, B12 and great protein, and some minerals such as zinc, phosphorus...What if we combine each other? We will have a delicious dishes. The total time for dishes is 30 mins.


First, you stir together beef and soy sauce, cornstarch and peppers. Let them there for 10 minutes. In that time, we will steam or boil broccoli. Cut broccoli into small pieces and boil it for 2 mins, drain it.


Heat oil with chopped garlic and stir fry the beef. You should turn maximum your heat because low heat make your beef too thick and loss nutrient as well. Flip the beefs to other side. Add soy sauce, cornstarch and broccoli mix each other and stir them in well. More tips for you.


If you cut beef in naturally way, it is not easy to make beautiful slices, just put beef into the fridge for 30 mins before slicing. It will be firm and easy to slice.


How to get your broccoli crisp?


Well, you should steam or slightly boil it first. After that you can mix well with beef. The reason is the heat for cooked beef and broccoli are not the same. When it cooked, take it out onto the plate and served it for 2 persons as well.  This is one of easy healthy recipe for two people.


Chicken salad - Easy healthy recipes for two people


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Easy healthy recipes for two people


The second one is chicken salad. This is so sweet for two people enjoy their meal. Salad is also great way to work for a couple or a single as well.


Eating salad brings many benefits because it contains much fiber as well as nutrient and vitamins. The total time for this dish is 15 mins. Cut garlic into pieces. Mix salt, garlic, chilli sauce into a bowl with chicken strips and put there 3 hours in your fridge as well.


After that, bake your chicken strips at 220 degree C with a little oil.  Bake for 10 mins and flip to other sides and baked more 5 mins.Mix all carrot, celery, apple and herbs in a bowl. Top up chicken strips on bowl. Serve it on plate. 


Here are some easy healthy recipes for two people. Just take some minutes and both of you have delicious dishes as well.


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