best 8 easy healthy recipes for breakfast

Eggs, oats or green leafy vegetables provide healthy nutrition, and are suitable for breakfast. What do they have in common? Let’s start with top easy healthy recipes for breakfast.

Whether breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, according to experts, breakfast needs to be maintained enough 7 days a week. According to a study in Japan, people who eat breakfast will maintain good health habits, while those who skip breakfast often smoke and eat less fruits and vegetables.

Here are eight good dishes for breakfast from the advice of nutritionists in the worldwide.

Eggs mixed with fruit

The first recipe in the best easy healthy recipes for breakfast is eggs mixed with fruit. Follow the advice of dietitian Julie Upton, start a day with 2-3 eggs (usually an egg and two whites), a slice of avocado and a cup of tea. It's quick and easy to add 20-25 g of protein to this breakfast. Nutritionists say that to balance the proteins from eggs, we need to add energy from bananas, butter fat.


Best 8 easy healthy recipes for breakfast

Breakfast to bring

Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield liked a breakfast like that, and she even stirred it with a cup of coffee. She suggests that breakfast helps to balance just the amount of caffeine, adding calcium from breakfast cereal, without artificial ingredients.

Vitamin is green

According to nutrition expert Christa Mantey, a blend of green vegetables, frozen mango, frozen fruits, bananas and less water is the best menu. She started a breakfast with healthy ingredients from dark green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Oats and walnuts is one of top easy healthy recipes for breakfast

Dietician Katherine Brooking likes to start her breakfast with a bowl of oats, walnuts, and a little honey, brown sugar. "Oatmeal helps me to noon but low in sodium and saturated fats, which is a healthy source of energy for the morning," she said.

Coffee and yogurt

Felicia Stoler often replenishes nutrients at breakfast when the sun rises after exercise. A cup of coffee with fiber added like sunfiber (a legume in northwestern India), a cup of orange juice, a glass of yogurt drink Siggi's (a brand of yogurt in the US) is considered a meal familiar breakfast.


Best 8 easy healthy recipes for breakfast

She often supplemented with sunfiber to absorb the necessary fiber but did not fill her belly, which was considered a good source of carbohydrate-protein after workout.
Oatmeal mixed with fruit

With Alissa Rumsey's nutritionist, for a delicious breakfast, she starts with rolled oat milk mixed with nuts, split seeds, fresh fruit, a little vanilla and cinnamon. This is a safe formula because the fiber in oats is easy to absorb, with fat from butter, nuts, will help you all day.

She said that the split seeds help to supplement omega-3 fats beneficial to the body. She uses fresh fruits like strawberries, apples, a few vanilla instead of sugar. In addition, mixed with oats helps to enhance the taste for meals.

Protein from oats

Top easy healthy recipes for breakfast consider Protein from oats as one healthy recipe. Dietician Marjorie Cohn often puts an egg in her oat bowl, in addition to canned cinnamon and peanut butter. A bowl of oatmeal is prepared easily, conveniently and quickly, helping her stay energetic throughout the day as it provides high amounts of protein and fiber.


Best 8 easy healthy recipes for breakfast

Egg sandwich

An egg-shaped toast served with a slice of cheese is what Angela Ginn-Meadow's dietitian often does in the morning. Dairy, protein and ready-to-eat cereals are very convenient to eat on the go, especially for a "busy morning".



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