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Yoga pants from 4-dimensional stretch elastic material, good sweat absorption brings comfort to the wearer. Thus, you are free to move any position. Not at all, Yoga pants have the appropriate outfit for yoga, GYM, aerobics, sports by the design is simple, young but no less charming and feminine.


Many young girls no longer like the weak willow silhouette that is turning to the body, strong body, strong with sexy round three. For years, Yoga pants have been designed to be perfect.
Under the influence of the trend of the “apple” yoga clothing, more and more hot girls respond to dressing or yoga workout to the body is strong, toned and sexy. But there is one thing, naturally, many fitness enthusiasts who meet the "apple hips" standard which also becomes so famous and more and more attracted to social network fans. These models have a toned body along with sexy and different curves but the third round is sexy. It can be seen that not many girls have been collecting themselves this type of idol body.

Fitness trainees are becoming more and more famous thanks to the “apple hips” trend. Trainer-and-Fitness Ye Jung Hwa has named currently one of the hottest celebrity in the trend of “apple hips” with nearly 200,000 fans on the Instagram. The fitness trainees who are full of sexy and the hips are always attracted by girls.



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