foods to get pregnant

Tips for foods to get pregnant that you should eat at each stage of your menstrual cycle.


The women are expecting and planning to get pregnant and that also means how much fresh food is put into their bodies. It can be green vegetables, fresh milk, fruit, whole grains, soybeans, mineral rich foods, zinc rich foods, protein, or other essential vitamins. But you do not know that each stage of the menstrual cycle will have different kinds of food to suit the best. Because not how prepared to get pregnant is how much nutrients they put into their bodies uncontrollably, so both unhealthy and not effective.
Let’s explore with us the information below to find out what kinds of foods to get pregnant are needed in each menstrual cycle for women.

Experts have shown that at different stages of the menstrual cycle, the body produces many different hormones. Therefore, in order to increase fertility, mothers in the future can fully supplement fertile foods that are beneficial for each stage of the menstrual cycle.


1. The "red light"



When you "red light", abdominal pain, heavy people and abnormal "ups and downs" make you feel tired. On average during menstruation, women lose 30-40 ml of blood, so your body is susceptible to iron deficiency.
Foods rich in iron include meat, legumes, fish, nuts and green vegetables. These foods are both rich in iron and protein, which is good for women suffering from endometriosis or loss of blood. Fish, nuts and leafy vegetables also contain natural anti-inflammatory substances, which can relieve abdominal pain.
Other suggestions include vitamin C rich foods such as bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, kiwi, oranges. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from beans and grains. Keep away from cold food, alcohol, stimulants, spicy foods.

2. Follicle formation stage


During this stage, your body must "work" to produce the dominant follicles and increase estrogen levels. For women with uterine fibroids and endometriosis who have too much estrogen, broiled broccoli, cabbage, cabbage and diuretics contain di-indoleylmethane (DIM) can help improves estrogen metabolism.
Do not forget to add olive oil, avocado, nuts when eating green vegetables. These foods contain lots of Vitamin E, which is abundant in the fluid of the follicle. The foods you should "load" into the body: nuts, legumes, eggs and fish. Also avoid alcoholic beverages because it affects the hormone balance in the body. It also dehydrates your body, leading to thicker vaginal fluid, which affects your pregnancy.

 3. Ovulation stage


Near the day of ovulation, your body needs more vitamins  B and other nutrients to support ovulation and prepare for nesting. Zinc affects the cell division and the production of the hormone progesterone, which is directly related to get pregnant.
Fatty acids play a vital role in this phase. The most abundant fatty acids are omega 3 from fish and fish oils. These fatty acids circulate blood to the uterus, opening tiny blood vessels in the area, ensuring your body is ready for ovulation. Fish oil also increases the amount of male hormone testosterone in the female body, making you feel "more excited". Foods you should add: vegetables, eggs, beans, meat, fish or fish oil that are good foods to get pregnant. Alkaline foods include carrots, bean sprouts, and wheat, and note plenty of water. And it is important to stay away from acidic foods such as coffee, alcohol, processed foods.

4. The nest egg preparation



This time you need to get into the body to stimulate the growth of the cell. Typically, beta carotene is found in green vegetables and carbohydrates such as carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. These foods maintain hormone levels and reduce the risk of miscarriage. One more food to eat in this period is pineapple. In addition to beta carotene, pineapple also contains bromelain, which helps the nest of eggs. However, women should not take bromelain supplements because the dosage may be too much, which is counterproductive. The foods you should eat at this stage are warm foods such as soups and stews. You should increase your body temperature to increase your ability to conceive, thus avoiding cold foods such as ice cream and cold yogurt.


Through those knowledge, we hope that women can know what stages of the menstrual cycle they should eat and what nutrients they need for each period and foods to get pregnant. Especially for those who have high fertility, you should plan to add the appropriate substances as directed by your doctor to help increase your chances of conception. At the same time you should know that not all substances can be put on the body before preparing to get pregnant but need to have the right one for you. Wish you are always healthy and good news soon.

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