best foods for nursing mom

Foods for nursing mom  have some problems. We’ve received many questions to ask about the foods for nursing mom. Even though you will want to lose weight and regain your postnatal physique quickly, you still have other concerns than a well-balanced, well-balanced diet - how to make a healthy diet. Feeding and feeding enough to care for your new baby. Regular healthy diets will provide you with plenty of energy and nutrition to deal with these busy days.

Being a nursing mom is one of the stages where the mother needs to provide the most nutrition, especially the first three months of her life. Protein, sugar, starch, good fats and much more. But more specifically, what foods will provide the essential nutrients for the body of the mother and body growing up every day?




Salmon is a perfect choice to provide nutrients to the mothers. Salmon provides a very important fat with the development of the baby's nervous system called DHA. Breast milk contains high levels of DHA and is higher in DHA foods from eating.
DHA in salmon can also help improve your mood. Many researches have shown that it plays an important role in preventing postnatal depression.
However, the FDA recommends that pregnant women and nursing mom limit salmon consumption by about 340 g in a week because salmon contains low levels of mercury. Some species of fish, such as swordfish, mackerel, are high in mercury and should not be eaten.


Low fat milk




Milk, yogurt, cheese and dairy products also contribute an important part to the nutritional intake of breast milk. Milk provides vitamin D to strengthen the bones. In addition, dairy products provide the best protein, B vitamins and calcium. If you are breastfeeding, calcium in breast milk will help your baby's bone development. So, you should drink three cups of milk a day because it’s a very important food for nursing mom.



To boost energy, nursing moms should eat foods rich in iron like lean beef. Iron deficiency results in more energy and more difficulty in meeting the needs of newborns.
In addition, beef is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B12. These are two micronutrients that newborns need to replenish.


Legumes is the one of the foods for nursing mom


Legumes are rich in iron and protein, especially dark legumes such as black beans and red beans. They are also good for breast milk and are suitable for vegetarians.
Nursing moms should supplement 2 servings of fruit or juice per day. blueberry is a great choice to meet your needs. They are both delicious and a source of abundant sources of vitamins and minerals. In addition, blueberries provide a healthy carbohydrate to keep your energy levels high.


Brown rice


Losing weight too fast after birth will make you lose less milk and slow you down. Enhance cereal starches such as brown rice into diet to boost your energy levels but do not cause you to gain too much weight. Brown rice provides the body with the calories needed to produce the best quality breast milk for your baby.




Orange is a great food for nursing mom to enhance energy, both nourish and rejuvenate. Orange and other citrus fruits help to enhance the quality of milk. Mothers who nursing mom need more vitamin C than women who are pregnant.
If you do not like eating orange, you can sip some orange juice to supplement your natural vitamin C instead of using other calcium supplements.




Top foods for nursing mom consider egg as its part. Eggs are an easy-to-find food for nursing mom to meet daily protein needs. Take two eggs for breakfast, one boiled egg for lunchtime salad or one omelet and salad for dinner. Eggs that enhance DHA both increase the levels of essential fatty acids in breast milk.

Noodles and bread




Folic acid is very important for your baby's development in the early stages of pregnancy. However, its importance does not stop there. Folic acid is an important nutrient in breast milk to give your baby a good health and it is also very important for your health. Whole grain cereals and pasta are great sources of folic acid. In addition, these foods also provide you with plenty of fiber and iron.

Green vegetables



Green vegetables like spinach, radish and broccoli are good sources of vitamin A for nursing mom and your baby. They are also a good source of calcium, vitamin C and iron. Green vegetables are also good for cardiovascular health because of low calorie content.




A sleepless night for taking care of your baby will make you lose a lot of energy. One of the best energy-boosting foods for new mothers in the morning is whole grains. Many cold cereals are fortified with the vitamins and nutrients needed to meet your daily nutrition needs. You can make breakfast more delicious and nutritious with squeezing blueberries with water and milk cream and watering the cereal bowl.




Nursing mom often lose water, resulting in loss of energy. To keep your energy levels and milk production stable, you must provide enough water for your body. You can also drink fruit juice instead of water.
In addition, you should avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea because caffeinated milk will make your baby irritable and have trouble sleeping.

In general, foods for nursing mom is very important. Nursing mom will need 500 calories more than non-breastfeeding mothers, which means you need about 2000-2500 calories a day. However, you do not need to calculate too much of this calorie but listen to the hunger to know how much you need to eat.

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