kundalini yoga poses

As we all know Kundalini has a lot of benefits in terms of physical health and mental as well. We are here to introduce some Kundalini yoga poses for practicing.

Some benefits of Kundalini yoga poses such as increased flexibility, expanded lung capacity, strong core and released stress. Kundalini compounds of physical movements, dynamic control the breath, stretch, meditation, and relaxation. 

Kundalini yoga is a powerful tool to kick back your bad habit as well. The combination of asanas and your breath give you extraordinary core workout.


Try practice Kundalini yoga poses for more than 1 month then your body totally change on the positive side - a new pattern of good behavior appears. All of your bad habits will be replaced by new one such as optimistic thinking, confidence, always ready to do new things.

We will start Kundalini yoga poses with chanting Adi mantra 3 times. Gently close your eyes and repeat this mantra for 3 times as well. Well, let’s start.

Begin with alternate leg lifts. Start with lying down on your mat, feel relaxed. Back to your back. Inhale slowly and pull your low belly, lift your left leg toward the ceilings with 90 degrees, your left leg should be 90 degrees with the floor. 

Exhale and slowly lower your left leg down. One tip for the beginners, you can place your hand under your hips in case you need support to your lower back. After that, change to another leg as well - right leg and we do this continuously. 

Keep breath as usual. Deep inhale, slowly exhale. This pose in order to spark your energy inside your body.


Next, we move to other Kundalini yoga poses is a cross crawl. We are still lying down on a mat like the previous pose - alternate leg lifts with legs out and both your hands on your side. Inhale and bend your left knee into your chest as well as bring your right arm over your head. 

Exhale with straightening your left knee, lowering your leg and right arm return to the floor as well. Do exactly with another side - right side. Don’t hold your breath. Keep breath as usual. Deep inhale, slowly exhale. Always focused on 1 point in order to build your energy around your third chakra.


All Kundalini yoga poses only focused on only 1 point. This is the center of your eyebrows. Gently close your eyes and concentrate on the third eye. This is the chakra of energy which places at the center of your eyebrows as well. 

Deeply focus on that point by repeating inhale and exhale. Make sure to hold your posture in 8 counts and keep breath as usual. Deep inhale and slowly exhale.

Kundalini yoga or we named it a yoga of awareness. It is the supreme method for awakening your power inside yourself and activate it as well. Through natural fold your body and spiritual practice with consciousness, your soul will be awakened to receive new things as well as the experience of human being.


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