is kundalini yoga dangerous?

Kundalini Yoga is also known as yoga awareness. It is the workout practice to active your power inside you as well as awakening your third chakra - the energy of creation.

Kundalini yoga is a big umbrella which can cover everything from your physical workout to brain exercise as well. Maybe, you are confused which yoga is suitable for you and after a long time searching information, you can not find out anything. Kundalini yoga may well suite with you. 


It will improve your mental and physical health in order way to reduce stress, low energy as well as depression.

Power and energy are the most important things for us to keep alive. Through Kundalini yoga you will believe and can feel your power is running along your entire body in simplicity way. Clearly known about yourself is the best way to feel inner peace as well as live happier. 

Kundalini yoga will help you to get in touch with your deep self for anytime, anywhere, get in touch with your emotion and your ego. If you want a fresh mind with fresh body, Kundalini is the best choice for among options out there. 


Look like other yoga, Kundalini yoga focuses on postures, breath, mantra, meditation as well as a mudra. Kundalini is not only worked for your mind but it also works for your physical body as well such as your glands, your joints, expands lung capacity, increases flexibility as well as boost your blood circulation.

Back to our topic. Is Kundalini yoga dangerous? As we all know, Kundalini yoga will wake up our energy lives within all of us and you, of course. If you cannot control it, it might harm you, severe damage you. 

Your energy is unidentified and you do not know how much power you can release it. When you try Kundalini, you should have to prepare first for your body and your mind as well. If you activate Kundalini, the energy will be pumped into a system which very powerful and you might cannot stand it. 


Some people who have lost their mental balance because they lack preparation for open the third chakra as well as lack of necessary guidance and assistance. To sum up, Kundalini is dangerous or not based on which way you active it and you activate it with guidance or not.

We can consider Kundalini yoga dangerous form of yoga because it has a big potent. If you have a big potent but you can not control it, it is really dangerous. It may harm or damaged you as well. 

Take a closer example, we have many ways of electric is being produced. One of those ways is through nuclear power. It might be the most modern and efficient way of producing electric but this is very dangerous. You know what I mean. 

When we do the right thing in a right way, everything is better. But if we do the wrong thing in a wrong way as well, everything becomes a disaster. 

Kundalini yoga dangerous like this way as I mentioned before. Without preparation for physical health as well as mental, you easily misguide, lost mental balance as well as physical capacities.


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