what is iyengar yoga?

What is Iyengar yoga? To the yoga practitioners, Iyengar yoga is very focused on an alignment which probably more so than any other style of yoga.


Yoga is now become very popular by the way it affects positively to the practitioners. It has various types of yoga that you can choose and do it as well as to make yourself better.

 One of the more traditional types of yoga which believed a form that hold the tremendous powers and heal the body is Iyengar. So what is Iyengar yoga?  what can we get from practicing it? and how to do poses? must be the questions you should consider before.

To the history of what is Iyengar yoga, it comes from India by Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar ( or also known as B.K.S Iyengar) and recognized one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world. B.K.S Iyengar soon began teaching yoga to everyone in 1936  with the method rose to prominence.

 The Ramamany Iyengar Yoga Institute was established in 1975 that named after his wife. A lot of students and people come to discover what is Iyengar yoga at that time and it became a nexus for the popularization of yoga. Due to his pass away in 2014, what is Iyengar yoga keep influencing on modern asana practice and it can’t be overstated?

The benefits of practicing this amazing type of yoga can help you answer clearly what is Iyengar yoga and is it deserve to do?


By doing Iyengar yoga, your flexibility will be increased, for sure. As a yogi, you don’t have to touch your toes as a requirement in Iyengar yoga. The thing you need is to do poses slowly and a gentle practice guiding the practitioner into stretches that should be held about one minute. You can use any props if you want, from beginners to advanced to prevent the injuries while you hold postures.

Next thing to help you answer what is Iyengar yoga can affect your body is the toned muscles. The practitioners can help building their strength and tone their body when they stretch the muscles and hold it for a while. The reason is Iyengar engages aimed at your whole body.

 If you spend more attention on doing postures, it impacts on not only the main muscles but also instruct the practitioners to think about the connection between body parts and muscles to engage those as well. After that, you can get your full body toning experience.

What is Iyengar yoga can do to protect your life? It’s the question of not only Iyengar yoga but also to the other types of yoga that want to let you practice. And to Iyengar yoga, it helps you in building up the way to prevent from disease with the combination of better food and lifestyle habits.


 Causes of disease happen when the normal processes in your body part are not working as usual, and thanks to doing the Iyengar yoga poses, you can help yourself improve the overall functioning of the body. By the way, you calm your mind, your body responds by wanting a healthier living.

 This means you need to change the eating routine and your habits to a better way. So when your body’s system is doing their good jobs, organs are nourished as well as toxins are released that lead to the risk of some diseases goes down.

So after asking yourself what is Iyengar yoga, you yourself whether new or advanced to Iyengar It is encouraged to give this style a try and see how many of those benefits can help your life better.


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