tips to do iyengar yoga poses

Yoga nowadays becomes very popular all over the world. To one of the most useful types of yoga, you should know some tips to do Iyengar yoga poses.

Tips to do Iyengar yoga poses

Iyengar yoga, for a long time, has been ascertained as the other convenient and more efficient that treat ailments as well as strengthening the body’s immune system. This type of yoga has a lot of benefits that the participants can get if you follow exactly some tips in practicing Iyengar yoga poses.

To the one who creates Iyengar yoga poses for everyone, Mr. B.K.S Iyengar, aimed at on the precise alignments of the different poses to enhance the body balance, stamina or even flexibility. Iyengar yoga poses can be done effectively if it can corporate with the props when the yoga practitioners want to reach a level up to endurance and body awareness.

Before starting to learn how to do Iyengar yoga poses, the practitioners should remember some aspect of this amazing kind of yoga such as:

·         Which the pose is suitable for you to do an in-depth study of the different postures?

·         How you have to do in mastering the process of breathing-control or pranayama and correct body alignment?

·         What you must do to put emphasis on Iyengar yoga poses?

So on how to do Iyengar yoga poses, props are used as a provide support, increase awareness and help relieve the excessive or unnecessary tension of your body. And one of the easiest and effectively employed is the yoga belt or strap.


To the yoga belt in how to Iyengar yoga poses, it is lightweight, extremely versatile and easy for you to bring along with. They can be used by the way what it makes you feel like an infinite number of ways. In addition, the belt also helps increasing postural awareness and highlights the uppermost back and shoulder regions of your body.

Next thing is you can challenge your brain and body with a new take on the half moon which helps you creating new pathways within your nervous system and open you up to the possibility.  You can do some more challenge poses by yourself in varying them. 

This can be another way to make you grow up with new pathways and connections within ourselves. We could be able stable and fluid in the variety of unpredictable circumstances. How to do it? just by stretching more than your muscles. By doing this, you can stretch your intelligence.

Let’s  try this Iyengar yoga poses Parighasana variation of Ardha chandrasana to provide for yourself a wonderful balance which challenges you through requiring a truly stable base as the sides of the trunk, spine, and head flow toward the floor. 


After that, you flip the image and image that you are kneeling on the aerial leg with your trunk and arms elongating toward your leg-straighten. The better you observe, the better result you can get through the shape of the pose and joint configurations are similar and therefore, the body’s relationship to gravity will changes things with the way it works.

By paying attention carefully to anatomical details and the alignment of each Iyengar yoga poses with the props and tips, you can get yourself the good method in practicing this amazing yoga that can help you in creating flexibility, strength, stability and the most important is make your life better.  


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