what is kundalini yoga?

Yoga of awareness or we often named it as a Kundalini yoga. It contains the same feature with meditation, asana and chanting but it quite different from other yoga classes.

Some yoga classes are structured with a physical workout. In contrast, Jivamukti emphasizes on meditation. Kundalini is the mix between both of them. It is not only focused on physical movements but also it is an emphasis on consciousness about how to activate energy inside your body as well. 

If you like a physical workout with a side of spiritual, Kundalini yoga is the perfect choice for you. Kundalini is very dynamic, a powerful tool which helps you to discover your own soul. In Kundalini yoga, we will harness mental as well as your physical body. 

To say it another way, Kundalini is the best way to awaken your hidden power. Kundalini yoga is a complex and harmony system of breath, mudra, consciousness, mantra, movements, and postures in order to balance your entire body both inside and outside. 

It also strengthens your nervous system as well as expand your lung capacity and boost your blood circulation.


In Eastern, the concept of thinking about Kundalini is our energy through our body is along with the spine and they divide energy into each part of your body as well. This energy is for creation. It appears inside of us when we were born and now we have to activate it through Kundalini yoga. Thus, it puts us in direct contact with our divine.

In the Western concept of thinking about Kundalini yoga is quite different. Yoga is the specific type of exercise that helps us to burn fat as well as keep fit.


There are several reasons for us to practice Kundalini yoga. On top of the reason is Kundalini yoga allows us to expand your life in terms of expanding your presence. As I said before, Kundalini yoga is the bridge connect your soul and energy deep inside you. 

Through there, your core energy allows you to sense of individual truth. This obvious thing also allows you to accept new opportunities as well as expanded reality.

The inspiration for new things. When you open the new world inside you, you will discover new things about yourself as well as increase your own ability in terms of your living life standard is higher day by day.


Make more connection with yourself. Most of us deal with tons of problems day by day and we spend half of our time to deal with negative people who always drag you down. Regular contact with your own soul will create a spiritual path for lifting up your mood and remind you what is the most important, the rest are not.

Step out your comfort zone and magical will happen. Someone already said that and it is true. Definitely true. Kundalini is a yoga of full surprise. For each day of practicing, you will experience new things about yourself. Maybe you can perform asanas easily or you can connect with your soul in consciousness.

Everyone will become our own teacher. Kundalini always reminds us that we all have important messages to share. Through that, you will be encouraged to spread them to the world. It is gonna change our inner world and the real world as well.


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