yoga health studies

Imagine you are standing in the vast universe, feeling full of energy in your body. Welcome to the world of yoga - which is always open to welcome those who intend to learn and practice the discipline full of magic!


Yoga health studies

Yoga is not mere physical exercise. Yoga is a scientific method, is the door to a merger between the physical, spiritual and every human soul. Increase understanding and awareness, proper way yoga practice, you will draw closer in the process of conquest, self-discovery and promote the potential strength of his place. The knowledge of yoga was shared in this section will be the tips for you on that journey.


Yoga health studies

•    Yoga is a spiritual practice. Without spiritual element, do not call it yoga. If it does not make you feel peaceful and full of love, it is not Yoga. Most people are unaware that yoga rather a path to enlightenment.

•    Yoga advocacy and the impact on the body. Yoga exercises impact on all aspects of the body. Firstly, it makes the joints, the spine flexible, powerful, flexible, it also works to pull straightening joints skewed. Next is acting on muscles, hamstring, from shallow to deep ligaments, including ligaments inside the organ. Acting on the endocrine system to coordinate the hormone helps the body is always in stable equilibrium. Finally, thanks to the varied movements of the spine lead to the mobilization of all the organs and nervous system, helping them to fulfill their duties in the body.

•    Yoga and fitness. Yoga gives you the elated, while other sports have stimulating properties. For example, the medical experts announced that walking disciplines promote the activity of the heart. In fact, although the heart of the pedestrian has increased, it does not stimulate the loaded full of energy and life-force such as yoga. In yoga, for example, the UTTANASANA (Also called the standing forward bend pose) require more physical strength than walking, but heart rate remained steady, rhythmic.

•    The asana poses won’t make you gasp. When practicing yoga, strength and power will play different roles in balance with the whole body and in the sense. After each workout so will appear feeling of freshness and a new energy stream flowing. Yoga brings toughness to the nervous system, making it possible to confront the stress. Although other forms of training are giving you a refreshing feeling, they also cause the stress to your body. Yoga refreshes your body, while it didn’t make the body was exhausted. Yoga impacts evenly over all parts of your body but do not overload any individual body parts.


In fact, yoga is especially useful for middle-aged and older people. Yoga is a gift to the elderly when resilience and healing have been weakened. Yoga generates energy but never consumes it. With yoga, we can toward a healthier future, more  satisfied, and no longer have to regret about our youthful part. 

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