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Silvia Mordini - Italian expert with 15 years of experience - believes that the value of Yoga health life helps people to be perfect and stronger under the pressure of modern life.

Silvia Mordini had a car accident. She discovered the value of this method of yoga training when it came back to being a loving person, filled with excitement. After passing the crisis, she became a yoga expert and brought her experiences to helping thousands of people around.
Silvia Mordini defines yoga as convergence. With the combination of mind, body and spirit in one exercise, yoga provides a great experience for the learner both physically, emotionally, mentally, mentally and spiritually to the highest perception of yourself.
With the practical experience, she pointed out 5 major effects of yoga health life that can be helps of practitioners in many worries and pressure of the modern life.


1. Reduce stress



The process of relaxing when doing yoga is very fast through conscious breathing, relaxing posture training, relaxation techniques and meditation. The solution for stress in the body is the relaxation mechanism, in which relaxation acts as a positive influence on the inhibition of the nervous system. More importantly, yoga teaches us how to maintain a sense of calm when faced with challenges and distractions. What you learn from yoga is the art of relaxation.

2. Increase concentration



When starting yoga, the first experience for the practitioner is the concentration of breathing techniques. After that, the practitioner will continue to identify themselves more in terms of physical activity, the ability to regulate the mind and emotions.
Yoga is an awareness of the ability to focus on the body and that is the key to significantly improving your concentration.

3. Reduce pain and eliminate anxiety



Yoga postures, conscious breathing and visual imagery are the therapies that help reduce pain and anxiety. Learning yoga is also a learning method to make yourself comfortable.

4. Eliminate bad habits


Humans often not control over bad habits that harm the body in normal life. But yoga will teach the discipline of self-discipline and self-care. Improving the quality of life helps to identify and bravely eliminate harmful habits that are not normally noticed.

5. Remind yourself of your responsibility

Yoga helps to escape the situation of dodging responsibility. In it, the first thing to learn is to be responsible for your own body in the process of training to be able to conquer difficult movements without hurting your muscles.



Discovering the wonderful effects of yoga health life, people have applied to beauty care. Combination of meditation in space design, using the sound of water, color, combined with beauty products such as essential oil, moisturizing cream, massage with gentle massage ... has brought a cold real relaxation. Along with removing all sorrows, harmony in the natural world, spa also give you skin smooth, rosy and youthful. The current trend is to combine spa and meditation to bring ultimate relaxation.
A research in 2009 found that yoga can increase bone density in older people. Thus, the benefits of yoga with health will vary from time to time. So you should train regularly to maintain the benefits that it gives to the body.


The daily practice of yoga also gives you amazing results. Because it will help the body to eliminate toxins out, regulate the activities of the body. As a result, the body will become healthy, relaxed spirit, radiant face.
You will easily feel the "overlapping" benefits of yoga in your life. For example, breathing changes the nervous, lung and heart systems. The movement to develop muscles and the backbone ... This association is important factors to help the body recover.

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