iyengar yoga health benefits

Iyengar yoga - exercises that spread in each body cell and help eliminate toxins.
Stimulating blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and eliminating toxic substances ... all play important roles in the body. Iyengar yoga can bring these desirable benefits.

"Iyengar yoga focuses on stretching and bending different areas of the body. This yoga is very suitable for the body to function well and brings many health benefits. Practicing these yoga routines will bring about positive changes in your mind, making your mind expand to connect with the outside world, thereby helping you to live happier, "said Aya Scrymgeour, personal trainer and yoga instructor at Equinox Kensington (UK).

In addition, bending, folding postures stimulate the flow of blood, creating a strong flow of blood and lymph, which helps to release toxins out of the body faster. Combined with proper breathing techniques, you are sure to detox success through yoga.

"Besides the body detox benefits, Iyengar yoga also helps to detoxify the spirit. They can help you get out of the confusion of the mind, helping you not only to sweat the toxins but also to shape you a more balanced, healthy lifestyle, "Aya Scrymgeour said.
So, let’s practice Iyengar yoga right now! All you need is a yoga mat!

Posture of the chair: Parivrtta Utkatasanna

- Stand in the mountain posture (straight back, arms and legs straight, wide with two shoulders).

- Take a deep breath when putting your hands up into the air. Then exhale, transfer the body weight to the heel, bend the knee, lower the hip as squat.
- Exhale, put your hands up in front of your chest as if praying, breathing deeply until you feel over the top of the head, stretching the spine.
- Exhale, put your right elbow outside the left thigh, press palm palms together.
Put the weight on your heels, hips and knees. Then push on your hand to gently twist the waist, chest, neck and head deeper and deeper.


Iyengar Yoga Health Benefits

Dog posture: Adho Mukha Svanasana

- Beginning with all four limbs, the hamstring is enlarged and the shoulders open wide apart, the arms are placed in front of the shoulders. Hold your palms on the floor, then gently press down your fingers.
- Exhale and lift the knee off the floor. Try to stretch your legs as much as possible, your heels against the floor, the center of gravity on the two heels.
- Shoulders should begin to move in the direction of "opposing" the crouching body. Make sure you have enough space to shoulder comfortably, not move, keep your head between your arms.
- Do this within 3 minutes. After exhaling, you will lower your knees to the floor.


Iyengar Yoga Health Benefits

Standing forward: Prasarita Padottanasana

Stand on the carpet with your legs out to the sides of your shoulders so that your legs are parallel. Stretch the thigh muscles.
- Breathe in, raise your arms over your head, and extend your spine.
Keep your back straight, exhale and lean forward until your body is parallel to the floor, pressing your finger or hand on the floor. At this point you extend the arm completely, the legs bend into.
- Take another breath to stretch the spine, lift your head up, raise your neck and look up.
- Exhale, bend the elbows, lower the body and top of the head down to the floor.
- Hold for 30-60 seconds before finishing the movement.


Triangle rotation: Parivrtta Trikonasana

- From the left side of the mountain, stretch out the two arms to the sides (two hands to the ground) and spread two feet about 9 inches (equivalent to the distance between the elbows when stretched), two feet toward front.
- Turn right foot right 90 degrees, left hand slowly drop to the right thigh (not to the knee), right hand straight up to heaven.
Continue to slide left hand to the right foot (can hold the left foot), turn the head up.
Hold for 30-60 seconds before finishing the movement.



Wall legs up: Wall legs up

Lie on the bed or on the mattress near the wall, trying to push the butt against the wall as much as possible, facing away from the wall.

- Put your foot on the wall, adjust the position so that the body is perpendicular to the wall, feet pressed against the wall, two hands to go down the body, palms up or down.
- You can also put your feet on a chair, or cushion on a back blanket, a pillow under the head if the hard floor.
Close your eyes, focus your attention on slow breathing. Breathe in and out regularly. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes.
Marichyasana III
- Sit still deep breath, turn to turn right, right leg pressed down the carpet, left foot pushed out to create a force to twist, straight back and slightly chest puff out, head back to the right back.
- Two hands behind the back. Each of the breaths out the two hands tightened, while turning the upper body to the right of the head back to the back.
Spinal Twist
Lie on your back with your knees, while exhaling, drop your knees to the left. Extend the arms on both sides of the shoulders, twisting the torso, facing the opposite direction of the leg.
- Inhale, try to stretch the spine, exhale, try to twist deeper.
Keep the posture twisted in at least 5 breaths or longer until you want it.


Cradle posture: Bhujangasana

-The position is forward-facing, stretching all the way up, the top of the foot against the floor, the palm also face down.

- Turn your elbows into the inside of the body, pressing the toes on the feet, firmly into the floor.
- Breathe in as you straighten your arms, lift your chest off the floor, maintain a connection through the hips to the floor.
Make sure your shoulder is elevated through the top of the sternum, making it impacted on your entire spine.

Because Iyengar yoga focuses heavily on the correct alignment of the body, it can help to eliminate aches and pains and correct the body’s posture. If taught by an experienced teacher, it can also help in the treatment of many medical conditions – from mild to serious.


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