how does yoga affect to your sleep?

Yoga makes individual relaxing, enhances one’s concentration and totally improves one’s sleep, especially for someone’s fighting for insomnia. Mantra yoga health is the most popular way to get your mind out of thinking, let it be empty so that you can take a deep sleep every night. 


Insomnia can appear in every age, to everyone. To overcome this, people often choose to practice yoga daily. If you’re patient to do yoga practice at home or at yoga classes, you’ll sleep better, sleep deeper and longer, fall asleep faster and reduce to awake up in the middle of the night. 
“My father suffers from live cancer, and he cannot sleep deeply every night. After he’s tried to practice yoga with mantra yoga health at home, he sleeps well and returns to sleep quickly if being awaken at night. He looks healthier, full of energy than before”.


Mantra yoga health


Someone wonders how yoga can make them sleep better? Actually, yoga not only makes you sleep better, it can also help you to live more optimistically. Yoga practice means you relax your body, concentrate on your breath, hear your body movement and let your mind free. It always takes along with mantra yoga health. “Mantra yoga health” is type of yoga focusing on sound, which looks like that you count stars or sheep to make you into the sleep easily. Well, it does the same, means that mantra yoga health helps you to focus on the sound “OM”, and you repeat it continuously so that you just hear your voice, your mind’s empty and you fall asleep when your thinking is weaker and weaker. 


Moreover, thanks to some yoga poses as “Legs up the wall”, “Lying butterfly” and “Corpse pose”, you can sleep faster. 
With the pose “Legs up the wall”: You just need to lie on the ground on your back and keep your legs straight up on the wall, making your body in an L-shaped pose, and holding it for about 30 seconds. 


Mantra yoga health


Have you heard about “sleep as a butterfly”? Yes, this pose can make you sleep better. “Lying butterfly” is a pose which allows you to lie on the ground on your back, press the bottom of your feet against each other. This pose helps whole your body relax.



If you want to sleep tight, you can try “Corpse pose”: Lie on the ground on your back with both legs straight, arms by sides and palms facing up. Inhale and exhale slowly but logically. 


And lastly, if you try all these poses above and your sleep hasn’t improved well, take it easy and do the simplest thing. What’s the simplest thing? You just need to spend about 5-10 minutes to do this yoga practice pose: Sitting straight with folding two legs, closing your eyes to feel the quiet air, saying “OM” of mantra yoga health and breathing slowly. After 1-2 first minute, you can feel your body so relax; your mind’s fresh and free. When you don’t think too much, you’ll actually deep into the sleep quickly and easily. 

Mantra yoga health is one of the best types of yoga practice for someone suffering from insomnia. Think less and listen to more to release stress out and feel the good breath of your life…


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