hot yoga health benefits

Currently, worries about obesity, overweight, belly fat is increasingly affecting negatively on health as well as aesthetic problems of each person. But fast weight loss methods such as drug use, functional foods, fasting do not bring good results, unsafe, but the side effects of such measures are more dangerous to the health of users. 
However, recent researchers in medicine and human health have demonstrated that yoga is not just a sport that promotes health, physical activity, and disease prevention. Yoga also works great in weight loss, especially with the Yoga hot.

Hot Yoga (Birkham yoga) is a sport many world famous stars, Holywood and international singers like William Kate, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce. etc or soccer star David Beckham are training. Hot Yoga is a best way to help them rejuvenate, shine, stay healthy and stay energized.

What is hot yoga?


Unlike regular yoga exercises, hot yoga is an exercise that is combined with a high temperature workout that ranges from 35 to 40 Celsius degrees or more than 40 Celsius degrees depending on the level, with 40% moisture. It consists of 26 basic postures created and popular by Yoga master Bikram Choudhury.


Hot Yoga helps burn fat

Hot Yoga usually lasts 80-90 minutes with each session, training environment with a minimum temperature of 35 Celsius degrees, training with 26 basic Bikram Yoga posture. Exercises will make you sweat, enhance the function of respiratory circulation, increase oxygen in the blood, and burn fat and calories in the body. Estimates for each such hot yoga session will burn about 900-1000 calories twice as much as the current aerobics exercises. With hot Yoga will help you achieve higher weight loss results by the implementation of posture, deep breathing, stretching to help the body firmer and tighter.


Hot Yoga helps to detox in the body

Training under infrared heating is a condition that promotes the uptake of skin cells, circulates blood to the skin, promotes the release of toxins, residues, toxins through Sweat helps brighten skin, smooth, improve problems related to liver, kidney, skin, acne .... This is one of the great benefits of practicing this hot yoga.


Hot Yoga helps to keep the body supple


In a high temperature training environment, hot yoga is the best condition for softening muscles, making the muscles more flexible and flexible, enabling the learner to progress quickly to the required training. Work with higher intensity, more toughness and better skills.


What are the notes when doing hot yoga?

However, hot yoga is quite picky people practice, so before you want to try this type of yoga, should note the following points:
- For people with neurological disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, herniated disc herniation, pregnant women should not practice this yoga.
- If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you should practice from the first class, since hot Yoga has a different set of settings than the regular yoga classes. You need to be familiar with the high temperature environment and low oxygen levels by participating in the basic classes first.
- When you start moving to advanced classes, you will have to practice at fairly hot room temperatures and increase the intensity of the exercises. In the exercises, if feeling unwell, dizziness, difficulty breathing, dizziness is normal, you should have a rest just if you feel tired, you should lie down and breathe relax.
- During exercise you will sweat and dehydration, so you should ensure to provide enough water after the exercise.

How to do hot yoga

1.    Evapotranspiration exercise:
 Perform: lie on back, breathe evenly, left leg close to the chest so that the thighs close to the abdomen, right leg stretched straight on the floor. Hands folded in the left leg. Raise your head to slow your pillow. Stop, hold your breath. Exhale, return to the original position. Repeat the same with the right leg.
2.    Cobra posture:
Lying on stomach, folded hands to elbows near the chest. With your hands, push the person up with your back, puff chest forward, head back to full size. Hold for about 10 breaths, then return to its original position.
3.    Bow Movement:

Placing, putting your legs up to the elbows, can hold your elbows. Looking forward, lifting the chin, raising the chest and knees so that the body is curved and only the abdomen contact the floor. Keep your knees aligned with your hips. Do it slowly.

Hot yoga is very good for everyone. The advice for practitioners is to keep yourself safe. Go out if you feel too hot. Do not try to overcome your endurance. Finally, remember to practice at home and find a hoy yoga room with the suitable trainer for yourself.

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