get yourself better with vinyasa yoga health benefits

Practicing yoga gives us a lot of benefit to our body, mind . It’s very useful way to get out of stressful. Let’s find out what are Vinyasa yoga health benefits? 

Nowadays, people have to go to work, study or do something which take them a lot of time in taking care of themselves. It leads to they spend less time in doing exercises, playing sports,... that can make their health in some worse situations that they’ve ever known. 


Vinyasa yoga health benefits can make people feel better

Let’s imagine the way of you can increase your flexibility, strengthens your body, centers your thought and relax your mind. It’s all can be done by practicing Yoga, a very wonderful to make people better in a modern life. And one of the most popular yoga poses that people is very interesting in is Vinyasa yoga. So why it can improve your health and what Vinyasa yoga health benefits to you? 


Vinyasa yoga health benefits help relaxing your mind

Vinyasa yoga, which also called flow because of the smooth watt that the poses run together, is a broad classification that encompasses many different types of yoga. For that reason, Vinyasa yoga health benefits will make you to the next level you’ve ever had. 

 According to yoga health statics, yoga health benefits of Vinyasa yoga is string poses together to make a sequence. The sequence may be fixed, as in ashtanga yoga in which the poses are always done in the same order, but most of the time vinyasa instructors have the discretion to arrange the progression of poses in their own ways. 

The main point of Vinyasa yoga health benefits is the yoga practitioners can learn on how to control their breath better. Each movement in Vinyasa yoga is synchronized to a breath and it is given primacy, acting as anchor as you move from this pose to the next. 

To get the  Vinyasa yoga health benefits, the yoga practitioners should know these poses as below.
•    Plank pose: It’s a very simple pose for the one who do Vinyasa. This is usually arrived at by stepping or jumping back from the front of your mat. 


Vinyasa yoga health benefits - plank pose

•    Lower to knees, chest and chin pose: Next to the beginners to do Vinyasa in the basic pose is the way they lower their knees, chest and chin to the mat. Butt stays high in the air while your elbows point straight back along the sides. It’s also a very good way to warm up for backbends and help developing arms strength. 


Vinyasa yoga health benefits - warm up pose

•    Cobra pose: The other pose that can bring you the most Vinyasa yoga health benefits is cobra pose. All you have to do is inhale and slide forward like a cobra. Remember, don’t move your arms  and keep lower your hips to the floor because the chest will come forward and lift up off the ground. 


Vinyasa yoga health benefits - cobra pose

•    Downward facing dog: To end up the basic poses with Vinyasa yoga, this pose is made to make your body flexibility. Exhale and curl your toes under as your straighten your arms to push back to downward facing dog. If you want to, you can come through all fours or a child’s pose in transition.


Vinyasa yoga health benefits - downward facing dog

Vinyasa Yoga health benefits, therefore, include flexibility, mental focus, cardiovascular conditioning, calorie-burn and muscle development for yourself. Spend time to practice Vinyasa yoga, for sure, is well worth your time.  

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