effective and correct breathing guide in gym workout

    Breathing is a thing that everyone knows. However, it’s not sure that everyone knows how to have effective and correct breathing guide in gym workout. If you have correct breath when you do your gym workout, you will get the best effect with your workout and don’t be exhausted very quickly. This post “effective and correct breathing guide in gym workout” is very important for everyone, who do gym workout every day.

For an effective and correct breathing guide in gym workout, you need to focus on these 2 main points:

1.    When you need to inhale and exhale:

This is very simple, you just need to remember this rule:
- Exhale when you squeeze your muscles tightly.
- Inhale when you relax your muscles
If you still not know when you need to squeeze or relax, you should completely read this post to get all details.

2.    What is “effective and correct breathing guide in gym workout”?
There are many different and opposite opinions about breathing guide in gym workout. We summarize two best opinion agreed by many people:

2.1    Inhale by nose and exhale by mouth

This breathing guide is used by almost people doing gym workout every day.
- Advantage: Release your breath fast to get more oxygen for your next action. Keep the pressure at your abdominal better. It’s very suitable for hard exercise, which is done in a short time.
- Disadvantages: Exhaling by mouth make you lose water and feel thirsty very quickly. So, when you use this breathing guide, remember to supply water consecutively.


2.2    Inhale and exhale by nose
- Advantage: By this way, you can avoid water and energy losing quickly. It’s suitable for light exercise, which is not very hard.
- Disadvantage: Slow air flow that cannot supply enough the oxygen for hard exercises. 

To cardio exercises, you can try to do other breathing guide as athletics guide, we can use the formula 3 -2, that means after 3 steps you must inhale and exhale after next 2 steps.
For example, you need to keep in mind this. When you start running, 3 first steps are left –right –left and you inhale 3 times. The next 2 steps are right –left, you need to exhale. If you do as this technique, you will not be tired and not be short of breath when you do gym workout. Well, by this breathing guide, you should remember that you need to do breathing by both nose and mouth.
Remember many different breathing guides for many different exercises to help yourself do gym workout more effectively and longer.

Some incorrect breathing guides in gym workout. 


1.    Hold your breath too long.
Holding your breath too long will make you die away very quickly and you get pale face, dizziness and headache. When you finish one exercise, you seem be fainting and cannot know anything around. You should remember to do breathing consecutively and do not hold your breath.

2.    Rapid breath.
This is the very popular and happens regularly to many people, who starts doing gym workout at the first time and doing hard exercises (maybe still not catch up the intensity of the workout).
Rapid breath is the expression of scaring, angry, stress, etc. So you shouldn’t do breathing rapidly, it will make bad affection to your spirit of workout, then you feel sad and it leads to many disadvantaged things. 

3.    Backward breath.
Instead of doing breathing guide correctly as we show you above, many people do the opposite breathing. This also makes you die away more quickly than the correct breathing guide.

4.    Incorrect breathing guide with special exercise.
In many special exercises as Rest-pause set - increasing the pressure when you down the barbell exercise. No one push you to do breathing 1 times in 1 push. The technique when downing the barbell or dumbbells of many special exercises can be from 4 to 5 seconds, so you cannot do breathing normally as the breathing guide. Faster breathing is the best technique for these exercises. While downing the barbell or dumbbells, you can do breathing faster to get much more oxygen for your muscles.

OK, we have introduced fully you the “effective and correct breathing guide in gym workout”. Now you can start your gym workout routine for yourself, we hope those introductions for effective and correct breathing guide in gym workout will be useful and help you always be healthy and beautiful.



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