5 basic ways to live healthy lifestyle

5 basic ways to live healthy lifestyle

 1.    Choosing healthy foods to maintain healthy lifestyle

 ☀ Choose foods which are in low fat

The energy of foods like margarine, mayonnaise is mostly from fatty substances. These foods usually do not need to meet the standards of having to cut 30% of fat from energy to be certified as low fat. Groups of foods here are milk and dairy products and fish, meat, poultry and other protein products.
Milk is the most second important liquid ingredient in baking. Using the milk in the cake makes beautiful texture, delicious tastes, coloring the cake, increase the quality of the cake by the nutritional value of milk.

Basic ways to live healthy lifestyle
Milk is the most common and familiar milk product in the world to live healthy lifestyle. Besides, there are also goat's milk, sheep's milk, buffalo milk - these are used to make cheese. Milk is not only a nutritious instant drink, but it is also used in cooking, as well as other dairy products used in cooking such as cheese, butter, ice cream. Raw milk (obtained directly from animals) needs to be passed through a new sterilization process for safe use.

  Select foods that are in low in sugar and highly refined carbohydrates

Good foods we consider are fruits, freshly-squeezed juices, vegetables. Not at all, remember avoiding soft drinks, candies, sugary fruit juices. 
You will not have to worry too much about consuming lots of sugar in the body if you choose the type of fruit and vegetables less sugar as below:

•    Lettuce
•    Asparagus 
•    Broccoli
•    Brussels sprouts              
•    Cabbage
•    Grapefruit
•    Avocado
•    Papaya
•    Tomato
All of these foods maintain good healthy lifestyle because they support boost the immune system, help control blood glucose and accelerate metabolism of the body, support weight loss, contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, A, K, B6, C, potassium. , copper or protein and boosts the digestive system.

2.    Getting exercises to live healthy lifestyle

Many studies have showed that just 30 minutes of exercise every day will help you stay healthy lifestyle and get beautiful body.

During exercises, the metabolic rate increases and blood concentration improves enable  the cells to receive more oxygen and nutrients from the blood. As a result, the oxygen flow increases from 8 liters (when you rest) to 100 liters per minute (when you do exercises).

You become more confident, more refreshing because blood pressure goes back to normal after hours getting exercises. You sleep better and sleep quality is improved in those who often suffer from insomnia.

Ways to live healthy lifestyle

A few weeks to one month after you exercise regularly, lung function is improved as well as cardiovascular system and blood vessels work well. The number of blood cells increases from 4 million to 6 million, the immune system is healthier. At the same time, the body absorbs less fat, control blood sugar easily.

If you practice exercises regularly, the nervous system works, you make the decision more quickly. In addition, the flow of oxygen to the muscles also increased, large muscles, strong joint bone.

3.    Avoiding unhealthy habits to get good health

Many people do not care about their health and so, they are careless to common habits that are harming for their health. Thus, they think simply that they do not smoke tobacco and do exercises regularly to live healthy lifestyle for them.
Actually, a good healthy life is from regular exercises, well-prepared diet, lots common habits. If you do not want to push your health poor, you should avoid these harming common habits:

•    Sit all day.
•    Eat too much cheese and meat. 
•    Use artificial drinks.
•    Take vitamin at breakfast.
•    Sleeping too much.
•    Improper use of cooking oil.
•    Eat noodles every day.

4.    Remembering good hygiene

How to live healthy lifestyle also requires you remember have good hygiene because its importance for everyone.

☀ Take a shower regularly everyday:

Daily taking a shower helps to improve the immune system, improve blood circulation, improve fertility in men,…

Calming the body

Excessive body temperature is one of the causes of health problems. In children, can cause chickenpox, nosebleed. Adults can lead to indigestion, heat stroke. When the body is heated, heat in the body is released.

Preventing skin diseases

Dirt on the body for a long time can pollute the pores of the skin. Blocked pores will affect the "breathing" of the skin and can lead to skin infections, eczema. Regular bathing will help open pores, remove dust and microorganisms that are not good for the skin.


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Basic ways to live healthy lifestyle

Releasing stress and depression

When stressed, the muscles tend to stretch and lead to cramps. Bathing muscles to relax is also a way to relieve stress. In addition, bathing is also a good way to cope with depression. Soaking in the water to enjoy the feeling of freshness has many positive effects on psychology.

Keeping the beauty of your skin and hair

Bathing every day will give you beautiful skin and healthy hair. All dirt, makeup powder, lotion ... will be taken away from the body, bring a feeling of lightness, freshness.

Strengthening the immune system

According to some scientific studies, bathing can help increase the white blood cell count. Body heat will be able to kill white blood cells. Therefore, bathing to reduce heat is an indirect way to improve the body's immunity. Bathing is also the best way to get rid of laziness in the morning, providing plenty of energy for the body to work effectively.

☀  Brush teeth daily

A good tooth improves the digestive and speech function, bringing confidence besides to live healthy lifestyle. Starting from the smallest and easiest thing to do is brush your teeth properly, they have a precious jewelry with you throughout your life.





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