what is hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the first step into the world of yoga. It’s very important. Please don’t underestimate Hatha yoga, because in Hatha yoga there are other subjects and in other subjects there is Hatha yoga.

So, what is hatha yoga?

Hatha means the sun (hat) and Moon (ha), is the balance between tension and relaxation, motion and rest.
A “Yogi” (Yoga practitioner) want to reach the pinnacle of yoga should definitely pass this milestone. Who wants to live the perfect life with a full value of life then this is the most ideal way. Do not underestimate Hatha yoga, because in Hatha yoga there are other subjects and in other subjects there is Hatha yoga.


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What is hatha yoga

History of Hatha yoga 

According to Ellen Stansell, a scholar on yoga, this term can be used from the 12th century. Although we believe that Hatha Yoga is the type of Yoga is quite a gentle today, but according to Stansell, Hatha is kind of quite powerful compared to some types of Yoga (such as meditation) at the time it appeared.
In the 19th century, the first Indian master of meditation who spread Hatha Yoga to the West has suffered estrangement of people. From a type of street fitness, hatha yoga was brought into mainstream teaching at the end of the 19th century. 


What is hatha yoga

The meaning of Hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga is not merely the physical exercises or postures. According to the original meaning, Hatha yoga is the practice to harmonize the two main sources of energy in the human body - the energy of the moon and the sun's energy.
As well as the continuous change of the moon, the human brain is not every day the same balance. The will is always changing – as we often say – “Well, I’ve changed my mind”.
In the philosophy of Yoga, the moon is a symbol for the source of the will, and one of the main energy source in the body, the source of "ida nadi," also known as moon’s system. On the full moon, you will see the wave on the ocean becomes more intense. Likewise, the moon energy also makes the will and emotions are constantly changing.

Moon’s system is combined with the Sun’s system, also called "pingala nadi". The Sun was always solid and cannot be changed. All other conditions change around the Sun. The Sun is the symbol of fire, it dominated the activities, decisions and bring the smoothly on the mind. 
The third major source of energy called "shushumna" - it is associated with the central nervous system. Conscious of us are constantly running through the central spinal canal. Consciousness is the glory and the light of the soul.


How to achieve the balance and harmony of these three sources of energy in our bodies?  Through yoga. According to Sanskrit, the moon is called "Ha" and the sun is "Tha" - thus Hatha formed. "Sushumna" is the third-factor binding altogether, so there from Yoga - is stemming from "Yog" which means "mount". 
So "Hatha Yoga" means recovering the balance between the will and wisdom. When it reaches balance and absolute control between the will and intellect, the consciousness of a people will be awakened. The result is the discovery of inner peace, contentment and mental clarity. The purpose of life becomes clearer, and one begins to understand creativity. You will exist in the world with a sense of spirituality, godliness and transparency. This is also the central meaning of the spiritual aspect of Hatha Yoga.


Hatha yoga focuses on the merging of body and mind thanks to the movements of postures, conscious breathing and relaxation, and meditation can practice Hatha yoga to increase strength, plasticity, learning how to make the body balance and improve health and happiness.



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