the amazing things by doing different types of hatha yoga

Most of us know that yoga is good for everyone, in general. But in particular, there are the most important yoga poses that attracted everybody to do every day is Hatha yoga.  

Yoga is amazing, it’s true. Practicing yoga can bring us a lot of benefits than others. It not only bring you the calmness of meditation but also helps you improving your muscles. Many aspects of you can be improved so that you can have a happy life. The more different types of Hatha you do, the more you feel greater with your life.


Hatha yoga is not just postures or physical exercises, it refers to the practice of bringing that harmony between two main sources of energy in your body that comes from sun and moon.

To the meaning of the moon when you do different types of hatha yoga, the moon is the symbolizes the origin of the spirit. In addition, one of the important power inside of us is also called “ ida nadi”- the moon. 

An explanation of it is on the full moon night, you will see waves on the ocean surface becoming more intense. We can see that the lunar energy, like types of hatha yoga, can change your mind and spirit easily.

With Hatha yoga, one more important element is the energy from the sun which is called “ pingala nadi” . The meaning of it is the sun is always the center of every planet that has to move around. The sun is a symbol of the things that can impact our daily activities, decisions and bring us mental clarity.  

With these two important factors, Hatha yoga is the combination of the sun and the moon that in Sanskrit, the moon is “Ha” and sun is “Tha”, so we got Hatha. In addition, the third power can connect all together which is called “ shushuma” ( the word “ yoga” is the transformation from the word “yog” which means together).

The important for yogis when you decide to practice hatha yoga is you need to find out which type of hatha yoga is suitable for you and try to practice it with 100% passion you have to get good results.

The most popular types of hatha yoga is Ashtanga yoga. This kind of yoga is from Mr. K.Pattabhi Jois and aimed at stretching poses to strengthens your muscles. With Ashtanga Yoga, you have to practice its poses in a room with the temperature is from 70oF to 105oF and do a chain of postures to get your body wet. When you do this, your body will become more flexible.


Next types of hatha yoga that quite hard for you to do is Bikram yoga ( hot yoga). To the name of this, you can imagine what would you do in Bikram yoga. With this types of hatha yoga, each of poses is needed to be done in from 20 to 30 seconds with the room’s temperature about 105oF. Its benefits are warming the muscles so that they can stretch and expel the toxins out of your body


Besides two of the most popular types of hatha yoga above, there also have various poses such as Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, Viniyoga and more with the differences between how to do poses and benefits the practitioners can get. 


Whatever you choose, do not hesitate to practice yoga now because you can make yourself better and better by doing the different types of hatha yoga.  


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