how to do hatha yoga for beginners?

As one of the most popular yoga poses, Hatha yoga is nowadays become a trend. but how to do hatha yoga for beginners to achieve the purpose is not a simple thing. 

How to do hatha yoga for beginner? 

According to a lot of research, hatha yoga for beginner can be a system of Yoga which is introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a sage of 15th century in India. Hatha yoga is said that a way of physical purification that the body practice for a next level of meditation. 

To the meaning of hatha for beginners, Hatha is a compound of the word “ Ha” and “ Tha” which mean sun and moon. A distant meaning of the name Hatha means the yoga practitioners have to do both masculine, active as a sun and combine to energy from the feminine, receptive as a moon to have the balance and enlightenment in an individual. 


How to do hatha yoga for beginner?

Hatha yoga for beginner can be a very large meaning while it includes information about purification, subtle breath energy, center of energy, enlighten energy, control energy, purification techniques, channels energy and gestures energy with the corresponding name as Shatkarma, asana, pranayama, chakreas, kundalini, bandhas, kriya, nadi and mudras. 

Hatha yoga for beginners is a strong practice done for healing and purification. It’ focus on how to practice mental and physical health which have a most commonly in the Western countries. So, here are some poses to help you can do a very amazing types of yoga as below. 

Some the most hatha yoga for beginners


•    Leg raises

One leg is raised while the other remains flat on the floor, inhale up and then exhale down. Lift as high as comfortable your both legs and pay attention to the abdominal ad lower back muscles, relax shoulders and neck. To the hatha for beginners, when a layer is peeled away, the next is quickly appears at the surface until the inner core is reveal. You will find a happiness again and it’s the key to make you feel better. 


Some the most hatha yoga for beginners

•    Simplified sun salutation

To the hatha yoga for beginners, this kind of poses consist of a lot of movements but focus on the breath. you can control the pace of sequence by altering the number of breaths in each pose, just make sure to always move to the next pose on the correct breath. 

•    Child pose

Just stay anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes and it’s a relaxation pose to the hatha for beginners. 

•    The forward bend

This asana reduce fat and stimulates the nervous system. All the yogis have to do is trying to keep the spine straight while inhale, then exhale just fold a little bit further. Gradually, you will be able to fold forward more each time. 


Some the most hatha yoga for beginners

•    The bridge and the wheel pose

It’s a most dynamic backward bend because it stimulates the energy centers and let you feel exhilarated. Sometime, the wheel pose is not good hatha yoga for beginners, you just need to change to bridge pose again. 

•    Spinal twist

 It help you to stretch the spine, tones the nerves, alleviates backache and neck pain. To the hatha yoga for beginners, it’s very good for them when they have to pay attention to the spine and breath while twisting the spine. 

•    The splits stretch

This is a techniques of how to stretch into the splits to the hatha yoga for beginners. Try to support the weight on the hands, stretch one leg forward to rest on the heel and the other back. Remember do not over stretch unless you want to hurt yourself. It’ll become easy if you practice it regularly. 


Some the most hatha yoga for beginners

•    Corpse pose

Or you can say it’s relaxation. Tighten your legs, hips, back, arms, shoulder and head, then release. Let the figures curl up slightly and relax the whole body. 
Practicing yoga, especially hatha yoga for beginners, is a very useful way to let you have a good health, body and muscles while you can refresh your mind. Try to do it anytime, anywhere you can because Yoga, in general, and hatha yoga for beginners, in particular,  is made for everyone who want to have a better life. 

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