hatha yoga series

Overcome disease and become a professional Yoga instructor

Every yoga instructor is destined to lead the Yoga path in very different ways, but in the end, all yoga instructors are eager to bring health and peace to all of their students. Looking deeply into the feelings and thoughts of each one, you'll feel yoga is complete, change and make their life become better.

Dong Le Vu

1.Not only cured but also became the yoga instructor:

In particular, Dong Le Vu who had overcome the traumatic after a traffic accident. And then he became a yoga instructor. He’s one of many Hatha yoga examples whom overcome the illness by Yoga.

Le Vu Dong, 35, was paralyzed by a traffic accident. By practicing yoga, he not only cures but also becomes an international yoga coach.


He was born and raised in Gia Lai province, Viet Nam. When he was a child, a traffic accident which caused him to be traumatic brain injury, hemiplegia, and jaw fracture. With Dong, it was a painful day, both physically and mentally. Remember those days, he said: “Since I was discharged, I had to learn to speak, walk, etc. After one year of rehab rehearsal, I came back to school. But everything hadn't become normal again.”

In 2008, he left his hometown and went to Ho Chi Minh City to find a job. However, because of his weak body, he was being refused from all places. While In desperation, he was fortunate to meet Master Sridevi To Hai – Yoga and meditation instructor. Since that time, he has been associated with Yoga.


Master Sridevi To Hai also was a broken leg and back injury so severe that surgery and Yoga brought her back. That the reason why she understood the feeling of Dong. She suggested Dong come to Yoga.

Normally, a Yoga practitioner just needs few months, but Dong must be spent 2 years. Because of cranial trauma sequelae, he couldn’t remember all yoga postures. Overcome all difficulties, with hatha yoga, his body has returned to normal. Until now, that is a miracle for his life.

From that, Dong decided to be a professional Yoga instructor with the desire to help the unlucky ones. Thereby, he has been training his health and covers his life. He was sent to study abroad in India, 500 – hour Yoga instructor class.

Imagine, from a traumatized person, to become an international Yoga coach, the dream of many professional Yoga instructors.

2.Found the life partner thanks, Yoga:

From the day's practice Yoga, Dong fell in love with a practitioner in the class. She admired and loved Dong who has an extraordinary power. They got married and have a baby girl at 2010.

At the present, Dong and his wife are professional Hatha Yoga instructors. “God never closes a door without opening a window,” Dong said. Many nights, beside his wife and daughter, Dong didn’t dare believe this happiness with him was true.

July 3, 2016. In front of 500 students, Dong has had a yoga performance. It became the most memorable milestone in his life.

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