top 5 hatha yoga online postures at home for busy people

Are you busy? Are you finding hard to do Hatha Yoga in class? Do not worry much because these top 5 Hatha Yoga online postures at home below for busy people will help you master and practice Yoga perfectly.

Hatha Yoga and related information

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is not just postures or physical exercises. In the original sense, Hatha Yoga refers to the practice of bringing harmony between two main sources of energy in the human body - the energy of the moon and the energy of the sun.

The meaning of Hatha Yoga

"Hatha Yoga" means to restore the balance between will and wisdom. When it reaches the perfect balance and control between the will and the intellect, one's consciousness will be awakened. The result is the discovery of inner peace, inner satisfaction and mental clarity.


 The purpose of life becomes clearer, and one begins to understand creativity. You will exist in the world with a sense of spirituality, godliness, and transparency. This is also the central meaning of the spiritual aspect of Hatha Yoga.

The basic focus of Hatha Yoga is to unite the mind and body through the movements of posture, breathing and relaxation, and meditation techniques that can train Hatha yoga to increase strength and flexibility. Learn how to make the body balance and improve health and well-being.

Top 5 Hatha Yoga Online postures at home for busy people


In the Gerunda Samhita, it says: "This posture reminds us of the image of a cobra curled up. It increases the vibrancy of the body, eliminating the disease. If practicing this posture regularly will help Kundalini awaken. "

Physical benefits

•Enhancing endurance flexibility.

•Firming the back muscles.

•Pulling the chest, ventilation ... help reduce the condition of asthma.

•Creating pressure on the abdomen, help massage the internal organs.

•Relieving many diseases associated with uterus, ovaries, and menstruation of women.


Mental benefits

•Helps people easily focus on work.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Stimulates airflow to the lungs, stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder.

•Raising the beam, this is a potential source of spiritual power is latent, will help the trainer to receive his true self.


The second element in top 5 basic Hatha Yoga online postures at home is Salabhasana. The Rattlesnake pulls the spine out of the spine and is the opposite position to the whole woman when they come back.

Physical benefits

•Increased abdominal pressure, adjust bowel function and strengthen abdominal wall.

•Cystic enlargement is very beneficial for people with asthma and respiratory diseases.

•Strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and back. Reduce back and sciatica.


Mental benefits

•Develop concentration and calm.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Promotes airflow to the lungs, stomach, spleen, heart, liver, small intestine, pericardium, and bladder.

•Raises the flames of the spill. This is the way Yoga is described in terms of energy flow maximizing nutrient uptake.


•The posture of the bow stretches the whole area behind the back, coordinating and enhancing the effect of the snake posture and the rake.

•All three poses constitute a combination and should be gathered together. Post-tensioning of the spine maximizes the spine, while the Bow posture causes it to contract.

Physical benefits

•Helps develop breast cysts, is suitable for people with asthma, and respiratory diseases.

•Massages the internal organs, especially the digestive system.


Mental benefits

•Enhancing concentration and determination.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Practice this posture often I will never be lazy, life is always full of life and fresh.

•Stimulate the business, the colon, the bladder, cyst, and bladder.


Hatha Yoga online postures at home consider Ardha as the member. After the flexion and bend the spine forward and back. Posture is stretching the spine, back muscles, and hip to the side.

This posture has a Sanskrit name from the sage's name. MATSYENDRA is one of the first teachers of YAHA HATHA.

Physical benefits

•Affects nerve endings in the spine and the nervous system, which helps to bring some blood to the area.

•Massages the muscles in the abdomen, soothe the digestive problems.

•Increases the activity of the vertebrae, and makes the joints more flexible.

•Very useful for the bladder, spleen, kidneys, liver, and intestines.


Benefits to blood pressure

•Helps to treat disorders of the nervous system of plants.


•Increases vigor. Raise the beam [this is a potential source of spiritual energy.


The crow and peacock's posture is the perfect balance posture. Helps to develop physical and mental balance.

Physical benefits

•Increases strength in wrists, arms, and shoulders. Stretch entire muscles in these areas and increase flexibility.

•Fills chest and increases respiratory capacity.


Mental benefits

•Strengthening the sense of balance within the mind to prepare for meditation.

BENEFITS to blood pressure

•Eliminates sluggishness, bringing new energy to the shoulders and arms.


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