best 5 effective hatha yoga at home

Hatha Yoga at home is known as "miracle" to prolong the beauty of youth and longevity. The poses below will support the trainee discover this miracle

Yoga originated in India and today is popular throughout the world. The Europe people have been studying the impact of yoga on the human body. Once you understand them, you will be more motivated to pursue this method of mind and body training.


Best 5 effective Hatha Yoga at home for everyone


This posture is one of the most effective Hatha Yoga at home, and it is dubbed the king of the Yoga. When doing this exercise, we will have the benefits of it physically and mentally.

Physical benefits

•Makes the heart rest, because gravity helps to bring the blood back to the heart.

•Practice this ASANA regularly, will help the practitioner strengthen the respiratory and circulatory functions.


Mental benefits

•Enhances concentration, memory.

•Stimulate the sympathetic system.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Conqueiring the healthy life [from the Yoga Tawa Upanishad].

•Pushing sexual passion as it turns the reproductive energy into Ojas Shakti.


This posture is one of Hatha Yoga at home effective for the whole body. In Sanskrit, Sarva means "whole parts". While practicing this posture, the practitioner feels that this is a posture that folds backward, but in reality, this is the position that bends forward, affecting the neck, shoulders, and back.

Physical benefits

•The thyroid gland is stimulated, resulting in more blood flowing into the area.

•The amount of blood supplied to the spine, the spine. Makes the practitioner breathe through the abdomen, which is good for the heart and lungs.

In this upright position, it prevents blood clots in the lower limbs and promotes circulation, soothes the veins.


Mental benefits

•Reducing stagnation and sluggishness. Help treat depression and insomnia.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Awareness of the Vishuddha energy center in the throat.

•Stimulates airflow through the anus, peritoneum, bladder, heart, epidermis, and kidney.


This posture will help keep the spine flexible. Halasana is the part of strong and decisive Hatha Yoga at home. It strengthens in all areas of the back, neck and neck.

Physical benefits

•Activate the spinal cord, increasing blood flow to these areas.

•Improves overall circulation.

•Relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

•Massage the internal organs, reducing indigestion and constipation.


Mental benefits

•Reduce insomnia or poor sleep. Development of the mind and inner balance.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Give a stream of air to the neck and throat.

•Stimulates the activities of the spleen, taste, bowel, heart, cans, bladder and kidney.


Matsyasana posture is opposite to standing on the shoulder. This posture extends behind the neck, chest, back of the spine and maximizes the chest. This stance is called the Matsyasana because it helps to fill the lungs, enhancing the ability to swim. Athletes who swim should practice this practice regularly to get results in exams.

Physical benefits

•Eliminate stiffness in the neck, chest, and back of the spine. Enhances the reflex and circulation in these areas.

•Massage your shoulder and neck naturally.

•Helps to adjust the back of the shrimp [back].

•Increased pulmonary capacity, reducing tracheal spasm.

•Reduce asthma and respiratory diseases.

•Strengthen parathyroid glands.

•Stimulates and enhances the function of pineal gland and pituitary.


Mental benefits

•Reduce stress, anxiety, anger, anger ...

•Control of stress when starting to get excited.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Increased gas in the neck and shoulders.

•Reduce gas obstruction in the lungs, stomach, spleen.


This whole body of the practitioner will fold nearly halfway forward, stretching the entire back, from the head down to the heel. This is a simple world, but powerful.

According to Yogya Pradipika Hatha: "It is one of the most wonderful asanas. This position causes the breath to circulate through the Sushumna Sutra, stimulating the flame of the spleen, tightening the muscles and eliminating all diseases.

Physical benefits

•Massage the abdominal organs.

•Stimulate and improve digestive function, strengthen bowel movement, reduce constipation.

•Fight obesity.

•Adjust pancreatic function, support active people with diabetes and reduce blood glucose.

•Strengthens the joints and flexibility of the spine.

•Reduce pressure on the spine and nervous system.

•Strengthen and stretch the ligaments.


Mental benefits

•Enhances the concentration and endurance of the brain.

•Enhance the gas. Helps the practitioner control neurological diseases.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Helps youthful.


The last belongs to Hatha Yoga at home for beginners is Bhijangasana. In the Gerunda Samhita, it says: "This posture reminds us of the image of a cobra curled up. It increases the vibrancy of the body, eliminating the disease. If practicing this posture regularly will help Kundalini awaken. "

Physical benefits

•Enhances endurance flexibility.

•Firming the back muscles.

•Pull the chest, ventilation ... help reduce the condition of asthma.

•Create pressure on the abdomen, help massage the internal organs.

•Relieve many diseases associated with uterus, ovaries, and menstruation of women.

Mental benefits

•Helps people easily focus on work.

Benefits to blood pressure

•Stimulates airflow to the lungs, stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder.

•Raising the beam, this is a potential source of spiritual power is latent, will help the trainer to receive his true self.


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