4 memorable things when you do hatha yoga at home  and benefits for sexual function

After a long time go to the Yoga class for a while, trainees often practice yoga at home. Home-based yoga is a special form of exercise because it is inexpensive, not powerful, but with surprising effects from health to mind. 


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There are 4 memorable things when you do Hatha Yoga at home and its benefits for sexual function.

These noticeable things when you practice Hatha Yoga at home 

Starting with boot exercises

The women who practice Hatha yoga at home often or subjectively ignore the basic boot before going into the main set. This should be taken care of because if you do not start up carefully when doing some movements we are very likely to encounter unintended injuries.



Practicing regularly

Persistence training is a recommendation that every yoga expert tells you when you start practicing. This is something you should keep in mind when practicing at home. So, try to create a cheerful atmosphere and practice regularly to get the best result. Yoga is a process of perseverance to achieve the desired effect.



Eating healthy

Surely you cannot refuse the importance of eating healthy when you do Hatha Yoga at home.
Eating and drinking also have an impact on the effectiveness of yoga. On the advice of yoga experts, in order to ensure the health benefits of yoga, you need to pay attention to the principles of yoga as follows:

You should eat some foods when hungry. Only eating when calm and relax to help digestion. Besides, eating slowly and chew food thoroughly. You should spend time to rest after every meal, avoid snacks between meals.



Eating fresh foods because fresh foods retain intact vitamins and minerals, while processing and cooking are very easy to destroy them. Eat white foods such as milk, bananas, cucumbers, white radish ... in the morning, because, at this point, food promotes optimum energy without excessing energy in the body as when eaten. night.

Relaxing after exercise

This is an important and necessary thing that sisters need to keep in mind. Do not rush, take the last 15 minutes of the session to relax and feel the relaxation after each exercise.




Relaxing the muscles after the use of muscle contraction is a way for the muscles and joints to recover the fastest. In addition, women also notice the body cooling to release heat during yoga to return the body to normal.

Advantages of Yoga for Sexual activity if you practice Hatha Yoga at home

How effective is yoga for sexual health?

•    It helps the function of parts throughout your body better.
•    Increasing flexibility and blood circulation in muscles, especially in the pelvis.
•    The main reason yoga is good for treating premature ejaculation is the ejaculatory control that is transmitted by the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, the part of which the nervous system responds to calming the body.
•     When the opposing system (the sympathetic nervous system) is activated, ejaculation reflection is also activated. We need to activate the sympathetic nervous system to control the ejaculatory response.



Benefits of doing Hatha Yoga at home?

More and more people are looking for yoga. This exercise can help you relax, increase energy, increase flexibility, and improve blood circulation. So what does yoga have to do with your sex life?

•    Inexpensive. You can do yoga at home.
•    Many studies show that yoga practitioners can control stress and bring them a relaxed feeling.
•    Other early ejaculatory treatments such as SSIs cause significant side effects, often affecting other problems of sexual activity.
•    Improves pelvic floor muscle strength and blood circulation in this area.
•     Confident in the toughness and strength of the body.


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