best hatha yoga instruction at home for beginners

As a true believer in Yoga you probably know that Yoga is not simply a physical exercise. Yoga is a way to unify your body, mind, and soul. Having this merging, one can connect with one's inner being, achieve a sense of contentment and serenity. 

Over the course of thousands of years, Yoga masters have developed and given us different paths to suit one another's destinies to reach that final goal. One of the basic Yoga for beginners is Hatha Yoga, which is encouraging them fall into Yoga. There is the best Hatha Yoga instruction at home that aims to beginners.

An introduction to Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all kinds of Yoga, a series of physical exercises (called posture or asana) to restore balance to the body through stretching and stretching. These postures also help to open up the faculties, increase the energy flow for the whole body and the spirit of the practitioner.


Today, Hatha Yoga is a gentle, slow-paced asana posture, suitable for those who first come to yoga. A class of hatha yoga includes basic postures, breathing techniques, meditation. Whenever you perform postures, no matter how different, it is Hatha yoga.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga


•Strengthening immunity, reversing the formation of cancer cells, detoxify the body.

•Relaxing your mind and release stress.

•Treating and helping the spine flexible.

•Increasesing body power and regulating the body.

•Increasing the flexibility of joints, bones, and viscera.

Best basic Hatha Yoga instruction at home for beginners


This is a posture for students who have good balance. The secret to balance is to look at a fixed point in front, helping the person to balance the body and mind. If you are not fully "balanced" then you will encounter a little bit difficult to do this exercise and also difficult to maintain this position longer.

The tree posture will bring you the essentials, which is "BALANCE AND STAY".



•This position helps the nervous system to be calm, very beneficial for the heart.

•Strengthening your thighs, calves, core, and leg muscles.

•Calming and relaxing your mind and the central nervous system.


•Pregnant women are close to birth



•High blood pressure

•Do not raise your hands in the air

•Low blood pressure

•Varicose veins lower


It is best to start all parts of the yoga asana with the Surya Namaskara sunrise exercise. This is a very good general warm-up exercise, consisting of 12 different postures related to the spine. The sun sends the vertebrae up to the spine, and also gives flexibility, flexibility to the limbs.


Technically, Hello Sun is not an asana, but a continuous chain of movements, rhythmic, with the same breath. Once you learn the poses of the sun, mix the movements with the breathing rhythm. Remember that the starting and ending positions are the same. 

Hi, The sun helps stretch the body initially to prepare for the correct asana posture. Hundreds of muscles are used. Sunshine helps regulate breathing and concentration. It also recharges energy to the temporal plexus and stimulates the cardiovascular system. This should be repeated 6 to 12 times. Traditionally, movements are usually performed early in the morning, facing the sun.


Famous scientists claim that this Hatha Yoga will help the shoulders, legs, spine and overall body strength. In particular, Hatha Yoga reduces fatigue and rejuvenate the body, improves the immune system, digestion and is very good for people with sinus problems. Following this basic Hatha Yoga instruction at home is caring your health.


•Helping reduce stress and mild depressive

•Adding vital energy to the body

•Helping relieve the symptoms of premenopause

•Reducing discomfort during menstruation.

•Helping prevent osteoporosisImproves digestion

•The treatment of high blood pressure, asthma, sciatica, sinusitis.


Osteoporosis, diarrhea, pregnancy, high blood pressure or a headache.



This posture is effective for the whole body. In Sanskrit, Sarva means "whole parts". While practicing this posture, the practitioner feels that this is a posture that folds backward, but in reality, this is the position that bends forward, affecting the neck, shoulders, and back.


•The thyroid gland is stimulated, resulting in more blood flowing into the area.

•The amount of blood supplied to the spine, the spine.

•Make the person breathe in the stomach, which is good for the heart and lungs.

•In this upright position, it prevents blood clots in the lower limbs and promotes circulation, soothes the veins.

•Reduce stagnation and sluggishness. Help treat depression and insomnia.


Hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular disease, neck pain, neck pain.



•Enhancing the abdomen, ankles, ankles, thighs, buttocks, and spine.

•Stretching your spine.

•Improving digestion and menstruation, reduce stress.


•High Blood Pressure


Hatha yoga is very suitable for beginners thanks to most of the postures in Hatha yoga are light, slow, relaxed, and stay longer. Clear movements are not too fast so you can focus on breathing and relaxation. We recommend all of you are beginners should investigate into Hatha Yoga and our Hatha Yoga instruction at home for beginners is not also the bad advice.


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