12 easy hatha yoga for beginners at home

Hatha Yoga is advised for beginners because Hatha Yoga has simple postures suitable for them. Here is 12 easy Hatha Yoga for beginners at home.


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What is Hatha Yoga?




Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all the other yogas, yoga practitioners who wish to attain proficiency must go through this threshold. Hatha means the sun and the moon, which is the balance between tension and relaxation, movement and rest.


Hatha Yoga is not just posture or physical exercise, but it is also meant to restore the balance between will and wisdom. When it reaches the perfect balance and control between the will and the intellect, one's consciousness will be awakened. The result is the discovery of inner peace, contentment and mental clarity, the purpose of life becomes clearer.


Hatha Yoga also offers many benefits for people such as:

-    Physical: Strengthen the immune system, develop balance, reduce cholesterol, support weight loss, reduce back pain, improve blood circulation, improve posture.
-    Mentally: focus attention, reduce signs of fatigue, release spirit, make the body sober ...

Basic training guidelines in basic Hatha Yoga for beginners
To help you get familiar with the basic Hatha Yoga for beginners at home, here are some of the things we are going to share:


Posture of the sun: 




Standing on two legs, two hands closed on both sides. Breathe in, breathe out and put your hands together in front of chest, palms facing each other.


- Stem posture:




Standing up straight, left leg crooked to the soles of the feet in the right thigh, with two hands held in front of the chest, standing firm. Switch sides


-Cross posture: 




Straight up, with legs folded open, double shoulders parallel, two shoulders shoulder width. Turn the person to the right (P), slowly bend over to P, the left hand (T) rests against the P, keeping both hands in a straight line, turning the neck to the direction of the hand.


- Camel posture: 




Kneeling on the back and thighs, two pillows extended by two shoulders, two straight legs also extended by two shoulders. Leaning in the hands at the ankles, the neck relaxed, the mind moved to the waist.

Here are 12 basic Hatha Yoga for beginners at home hoping to help you better understand the postures of yoga and get the necessary preparation for you before you start practicing.


- Post-knee posture:




To sit upright, straighten and close up, raise your arms high, slowly bend forward for knee-toe, fingers grasp the toes - keep knees and feet straight.


- Tilted posture: 




Seating P with hip, T leg with back to the soles of feet. Raise both hands up, lean to P, waist close to the thigh, shoulder close to the pillow. The elbow touches the floor - the hand grasps to the thumb of the foot, the T straightens up and grabs the thumb of the foot. Switch sides


- Plowing posture: 




Lying on the back of the stomach, the legs closed, slowly lift up the legs and back to breathe out, take the foot through the head, lower the foot to the floor. Keep knees straight, knit your fingers and arms close to the floor.


- Fish posture: 




Sitting upright, bend your legs back to the outside of the thigh muscles, the heels close to the butt. At this point, buttocks between the legs and floor, two pillars close together. Place your hands behind your back, lower your elbow to the floor, lower your back, touch the floor, raise your chest and shoulders.


- Wheel posture:




Lying on the back, legs extended by the shoulders, knees so that the two heels close to the back, hands placed on the shoulder. Slowly raise the person up, straighten two hands - bend the spine maximum.


- The grasshopper posture: 




To lye on the stomach, touching the floor with the chin, arms stretched straight to the body, hand to the back, clenched two hands and pressed the arms to the floor to make a firm fulcrum. Gradually raise the legs up, square pillow, the loin also raised along the bone.


- Bow posture: 




Lying on the stomach, legs extended by the shoulders, two knees, two grasping the ankle. Raise the shoulders, chest, and head upward while pulling up the limbs to lift the pillow, the toes up, the soles of the head.


- Full cobra posture: 




Lying on the stomach, with legs extended by the shoulders, placed under the shoulders. Wrap the toes up towards your head, slowly raise your shoulders, bend your back, brace your back with your hands, and brace your legs with your back.

Here are 12 basic Hatha Yoga for beginners at home hoping to help you better understand the postures of yoga and get the necessary preparation for you before you start practicing.


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