smart food choices for bodybuilders

Normal bodybuilders to professional athletes, all of them need to know a background in food science alongside exercise, high protein foods are the smart food choices for bodybuilders. Over the years, protein has been a key nutrient for muscle growth. Because of this reason, we need to know how to achieve a muscular muscle that needs to be combined with exercise and high protein foods. Let's find out smart food choices for bodybuilders.

Chicken breast


Chicken breast is a food we always hear in bodybuilding. Professional coaches to athletes, from amateur to professional. Chicken breast is a source of abundant protein source. Only 50-60g chicken breast provides 15-17g protein and high levels of niacin not only help grow muscles but also help the nervous system healthy. And especially the chicken is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and many vitamins, so it is good for the brain and health. However, when cooking, you should remove the chicken skin because the skin contains large amount of saturated fat, not good for health and muscle growth.



Fish is a popular seafood and rich in protein, in which the tuna and salmon are the most special. Besides, fish contains great omega 3 fatty acids, which is very good for heart. In salmon, fish contains low in sodium, high in vitamins B1, B3, B6, and a lot of protein    , B12 and selenium. If you count 100g of salmon you will have the following nutrient sources: 206 calories (111 calories fat), fat: 12g (saturated fat 3g), cholesterol 63mg sodium: 61mg (3%), protein 22g 32%). Water accompanies for 64.8g. There are 54% of fat and 46% of calories coming from protein. So fish are the smart food choice for bodybuilders that cannot be ignored by bodybuilders.



Tofu in our life not only has a cooling effect but also provides the same amount of protein and amino acid required for the body. Tofu is also an easy-to-cook food that can be added to any of your dishes: fried, fried or mixed with salad. And you know only with 100g of tofu can contain up to 10g of protein. So whether you are doing fitness in the season forcing yourself to be vegetarian, you can absolutely rest assured that your tofu has played a role in providing protein for you.



Not many people know this, but cheese makes the casein protein relatively pure. For those who do not know, casein protein is a slow-digesting protein, which means it is perfect for maintaining muscle. Cheese is one of the high protein foods for bodybuilders. For every 100g of cheese that contains up to 32g of protein, this is a good food for exercising. In addition, the content of calcium, beneficial fat, phosphorus ... are essential factors for muscle growth and improve health.



Beef is a good source of protein for everyone. Beef can make many delicious and nutritious dishes. Only a slice of lean beef provides 31g of protein and many other nutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium ... So this is the smart food choice in the list of protein foods for the bodybuilders.



Eggs are not only a good source of nutritious food, especially protein, which is very useful for muscle gain. An egg contains up to 6 grams of protein, in which whites contain up to 4 grams of protein. Besides vitamins A, D, E, K and other essential fatty acids provide abundant nutrients for bodybuilding and muscle growth.

Pork chops


Pork chops provide abundant protein content, only 134g of pork ribs supply 24g protein. So this is definitely an indispensable source of food for the bodybuilders. Pork is also rich in zinc, which helps boost testosterone production, thus supporting muscle growth.


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These smart food choice for bodybuilders are very good foods that provide a lot of protein for the body. Enhance these supplements combined with training to quickly have a toned body, muscular full of masculinity.


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