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For a person, who wants to gain weight or gain muscle, side dishes also play an important part the meal is not enough to meet the body's needs to reach the desired goal., and benefits of side dishes determine half the win for those, who want to know how to gain weight. However, to keep your diets balanced, you also need to pay attention to a few guidelines that will help you to adjust to healthy diets. In addition, the three side dishes a day are compulsory and proper dietary supplements promote body growth and digestion are more stable especially for children and young people who want to gain weight. A healthy side meal will keep your stomach from starvation at 4 pm until dinner time.


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Most food choices for side dishes leave the desired nutrients. But how to control a healthy diet? Pay attention to what you eat and choose low fat, low calorie products and complex carbohydrates. Including high fiber foods will help you feel better. Change your side dishes regularly to avoid boredom and get new tastes. 

Cut vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and celery roots and freeze them in large quantities. If they are difficult to eat, you just need a little salt and pepper on your vegetable tray. If you have done well over the days, you can reward yourself with the sauce. Just make sure you use low fat cheese or ice cream. Similarly, you can also make your own menu such as mixed fruit and nuts or easy to make fruit salad that is rich in nutrients.



Side dishes are very easy to do when you are anywhere and anytime you want to tackle how to gain weight. Some of the side dishes, which are available as a side dish for a variety of dry fruits and nuts, and a banana can be kept handy whenever and wherever. Also, change it. Healthy side dishes will require an effort to keep it more interesting. It's easy to fall into bad snacking habits like potato chips, soda and cola, and refined sugar products in “the absence” of healthy side dishes. Beat the temptation by trying to eat bread, multigrain bread with a bit of peanut butter and low fat yogurt. Sometimes, your perseverance and determination will also fall into the charm of black chocolate. Immerse yourself in the sweetness but you have to separate from it. Moreover, a square of dark chocolate will do much less harm than when you take for a large cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate.



Low calorie products can help satisfy your libido while allowing you a healthy side dish. If you are missing fried potatoes, try the whole grain tortilla chip instead. Make your own healthy body with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and peppers. You can control the amount of oil and sodium with lots of flavors from herbs and spices, just get them from the fridge, wash and mix with sour cream.




Take note of the online recipes for healthy side dishes to make sure you have plenty of ingredients and flavors. Dinner is a “dangerous time” and desserts are always preferred. 

Snacks are often considered unhealthy eating. In contrast, low-fat, low-sugar side dishes may be part of a healthy diet and have too many benefits. Side dishes in a day provide one's body for the energy needed. Healthy side dishes, in the right amount and made with good foods, can enhance your diet. Side dishes also help separate meals a day and make you feel not too full.  Providing more than 250 calories of meals that aid the digestive system to be absorbed gradually and gain more nutrients and fiber.




Some healthy and ideal side dishes to bodybuilders:

- Avoid fatty fried potatoes, soft drinks, candy, ice cream ....
- Store healthy foods such as yogurt, natural edible oils, fruits, fish, and meat. By that way, you can take an apple when you're hungry instead of a bag of crisps.
- Try new recipes with side dishes. Making them more attractive will make them more appetite.

The list of healthy side dishes:

- Dry fruits like raisins
- Free fat cheese
- Unsaturated grains
- Whole grain cereal
- Fruit and yogurt
- Rice cake fragrant
- Low sugar, cereal fiber
- Cherry tomatoes
- Chicken
- Cookies
- Carrots
- White yolk
- Bread
- Fruit salad
- Beef and tuna have excellent protein
- Cauliflower or broccoli 




Supply protein with celery, carrots, apples, a combination of almond butter or peanut butter with honey. Make your own smoothies with low fat milk and fruit or yogurt and fruit.


This list is endless. What you need to keep in mind is that the more creative you are with the healthier side dishes, you will know how to gain weight better. To make side dishes easier during the week, pack them in small boxes on a daily basis. You will soon find that healthy side dishes are an interesting part of your day and diet.



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