nine good foods for muscles can be used and cheaper than meat

We would like to introduce nine good foods for muscle that can be used instead of meat and cheaper than meat. This article is for those who exercise but do not eat much meat. If you feel eating a lot of meat is not your problem then you can skip this article.

As you know muscle is formed from what you eat after exercise, and with a diet if you exercise, nutrition will affect your muscle more. But not everyone has conditions to get enough nutritious diets. So we have these nine good foods for muscles can be used instead of and cheaper than meat for everyone can apply and use this every day.

1.    Milk and yogurt


This may not be cheaper than meat but very good replacement. If you are not eligible, you can use1 liter per day divided into 3 times (if you can do this, the muscles will grow very fast). After training, you should eat two boxes of yogurt. This food is rich in protein and calcium, zinc, iron, etc. very good for bodybuilders.

2.    Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a very good food for muscles and can be used instead of and cheaper than meat because it is extremely rich in vegetable protein. Believe me, a peanut butter sandwich after workout training is ODA to your muscles. Believe it, let's try a week like that.

3.    Bananas


Bananas are rich in potassium, it helps to convert protein to muscle and eliminate joint pain caused by workout training. In fact, eating bananas help to grow muscles very fast and effectively. Bananas also help promote spirits and repel stress. Many B vitamins are good for metabolism.

4.    Cereal

Cereal contains a lot of protein and cheaper than meat, which can be used every day instead of meat. Cereal helps to grow muscles very fast and effectively. Secondary, I often use is black beans. It also improves the skin and hair very positively. Giving rapidly muscle growth with very little fat. Otherwise, you can also eat two boiled corns after workout training

5.    Tofu

Having more carbohydrates helps to grow muscle with protein and supply energy for muscle. But you should be boil or steam only to reduce excess fat.

6.    Spinach

To me, this is the “panacea” for men, which not only can be used instead of meat but also very cheap. Spinach helps to create beautiful muscles and smooth hair. And a lot of calcium to strengthen the bones and good for the muscles. This is the kind of vegetables that Popie sailors use in animated films, called Bina. Especially, it increases the amount of testosterone in the body.

7.    Potatoes


You should boil then grind out and eat with chili sauce. Easy to eat but very effective because it is rich in carbohydrates, protein and potassium. After workout training, you only need to eat two potatoes.

8.    Rice

This is a good idea. Even if you eat a lot of meat, you also have to eat a lot of rice every day. You should eat at least 3 bowls in day meals and dinner. Rice contains lots of energy for muscle and vitamin B good for metabolism. If possible, brown rice is preferred.

9.    Bread

An extremely rich carbohydrate food. Helps provide a lot of energy for muscle growth, there is a little more milk is better.

With these nine good foods for muscles can be used instead of and cheaper than meat, we hope you will have the suitable diets and supply enough nutrition every day. 



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