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Are your diets sufficiently nutritious, healthy or not? How is a diet for growing muscles? This is also the question that we received the most from bodybuilders last week to consult. In order to answer that question we would like to introduce diets for growing muscles to those, who will and are working out to have a good health and nutrition to complement the body.

For bodybuilders, exercising a regular muscle-boosting regimen combined with nutritious diets for growing muscles will help get a beautiful body.
For all of us breakfast is extremely important, and with the bodybuilder is even more important. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy, full-bodied breakfast will give you spirits and energy for the day, reducing your risk of illness.


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1.    Breakfast
Breakfast before 8a.m
If you want to grow muscles effectively, you have to ensure to have breakfast before 8h, full of nutrients and absolutely not skip meals.
- 2 boiled chicken eggs and 4-6 egg-whites.
- A cup of cereal 
- A banana
The main source of nutrients from boiled eggs gives the body high levels of protein, which is easy to digest, which helps to promote the best muscle development. Combined with complex carbohydrates, bananas are rich in sugar and potassium, providing glycogen in the liver and muscles, helping to reduce muscle breakdown to keep muscles toned and healthy.


Notes: To avoid feeling bored, you should change the main dish boiled eggs with some other nutritious delicacies such as beefsteaks, pork, etc. It is possible to substitute wheat grains with brown rice, whole grain bread, or any other high fiber foods.


Depending on your body type, you can transform your diets for growing muscles in the morning to get the best results. For hard-to-gainers, you can use low-fat milk drinks for more protein and carbohydrates instead of drinking pure water. Especially, if you want to squeeze your muscles, just eat egg-whites to reduce fat and calories to minimum absorption, or you can change bananas with some other fruits so calories are less consumed as well. By this way, you can grow your muscles more quickly.


2.    Lunch 

Lunch before 12a.m
Lunch is a time when you need to enhance the nutrient supply needed when you do exercises to be able to develop optimal muscles so it is important to pay attention to the nutritional value of the dishes and adjust the most reasonable. 
- 150-250g beef
- 2 bowls of pasta
- 3/4 bowl of broccoli
Lunch focuses on the nutritional value of beef because not only it contains the protein needed to improve muscles, it also includes creatine, basic amino acids and B vitamins, which are rich in iron. Energy develops firmer muscles. Especially broccoli provides perfect energy, control the rate of fat into the body to get muscular shape easier.



Notes: This diet will have a slight variation if you want to gain muscle for thin people, who gain weight by choosing beef with an extra 10-15% fat instead of under the skin 10% or very lean as required. It is the fat that will increase calories to help you gain weight to create a premise to develop muscles more easily.



For those who want to squeeze the muscles, can reduce the amount of carb absorbed by eating only one bowl of pasta instead of two bowls but double the broccoli to reduce maximum calories, increase the fiber to control calories and hunger more effectively.


3.    Dinner

Dinner before 7p.m
With the diets for growing muscles, you must ensure the best source of calorie intake to create favorable conditions for muscle growth but the food intake should be carefully calculated to avoid excessive fat accumulation for the session. The absorption capacity is lower than day time. 
- 1 chicken breast (200-250g)
- 1 sweet potato
- 1 bowl mixed beans, corn, carrots.
The combination of carbohydrates and fats with meat, chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables increases the amount of insulin in the blood, providing the optimal hormone for muscle growth. In particular, eating sweet potato helps slow digestion, low fat protein like chicken breasts help the fat more stable.


Notes: For those who are less prone to gain weight, diets for growing muscles should be added a large glass of milk, fried chicken with extra virgin olive oil to increase protein and basic fat for muscle growth.
If you want to squeeze muscles better, eat half of the sweet potato, and change the mixture of peas, corn, carrots that are high in calories with lower calories, such as green vegetables.


4.    Snack at 10a.m and 3p.m

When doing gym workout, you must always ensure that you have the nutrients you need to accelerate your muscle growth. Therefore, adding snacks to your daily diets for growing muscles is a good thing to do. In the morning, your snack should be started at 10a.m and in the afternoon around 3p.m is the best.


- 2 slices of whole grain bread
- 2-3 slices of cheese without fat
- 3-4 slices of chicken breast

Mustard sauces
With this sandwich for snack, your muscles will be better with a balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat for the best muscle growth.

You can transform your snack into other foods that can be diversified to avoid unpleasant appetite, which will affect the outcome.
You can add a low-fat milk glass and a piece of fruit in the case of thin people, who get difficulties to gain weight to speed metabolism faster for the best result.
For the purpose of better muscle squeezing, you should use bread to reduce sugar, starch to control carbohydrates and calories at a reasonable level.

We’ve finished diets for growing muscles for bodybuilders. We hope this post will be useful for everyone. Especially for bodybuilders, who want to have a perfect body. Remember to combine the training plans with the suitable nutritious diets for the best result. Follow us to get more useful guides and information. 


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