shoulder workout mistakes

Almost bodybuilders have ever had shoulder workout mistakes at least once or a few times. Those are very harmful to your body and your health.

Everyone think shoulder workout mistakes are very simple things and do not make any difficulty for them. As a result, many bodybuilders have got many injuries while doing shoulder workout because of those wrong opinions. Today, we will show you six common shoulder workout mistakes, which almost bodybuilders get.



1.    Elbows are too straight.

To do shoulder workouts correctly, you must shrink and stretch the elbows. Do this action consecutively until the elbows are familiar to the action.

When opening and closing the elbows, you will balance the triceps. In case you do not balance, the triceps will skew. Everyone regularly try to lift the dumbbells as high as possible and do not concern about the balance. This is the very popular shoulder workout mistakes of athletes, but it’s not very difficult to fix if you concern about it. So you should be careful with this point while doing shoulder workout to avoid this mistake!

When you down the dumbbells, don’t need to down the dumbbells too lowly and you should better not to stretch your arms. You must down the dumbbells to in front of your bell and put the dumbbells parallel to each other.


2.    Down the dumbbells too deeply.

The best way for you to maintain and grow the muscles up is maintaining the balance of the dumbbells weight. Moreover, if you normally down the dumbbells to the hips but today you down to the end of your arm range, to the thighs. This is really bad for growing your muscles up.

Besides, when downing the dumbbells too deeply, the elbows will be stretched. When you shrink the elbows, it means it help you lift the dumbbells and grow the muscles. Moreover, you need to down the dumbbell to the thighs but not over upper than your thighs. So remember when doing shoulder workout with dumbbells, do correctly with correct technique to avoid unexpected injuries.



3.    Curving the elbows

The other popular shoulder workout mistake is swinging the elbows too widely. Shoulder workout like that will not bring you any effect. To grow the muscles, everyone must do correctly but not swinging the elbows too widely for nothing.

Upon doing that, arms should be lifted gradually until they are straight and equal to your shoulders. If you do this workout correctly, you will quickly have stronger and more beautiful shoulders. Moreover, you don’t need to spend too much your strength to lift the dumbbells.

4.    Shoulders movement

This is the most popular shoulder workout mistake. Normally, everyone just lifts the dumbbells to be equal to the shoulders, even not to the shoulders. This habit is not only ineffective but also brings you many disadvantages to your muscles. You not only waste your time but also do not get any effect.

According to many researches, you should lift the dumbbells over the shoulders around 45 degrees. This will affect your shoulders directly, so you can quickly have a firm and strong shoulders.

If you’re having any shoulder injury, you should need an advice from the doctor before doing this shoulder workout.


5.    Lock and expand the shoulder joints completely.

Someone regularly locks the shoulder joints to expand the arms completely. At the top of the motion, they look like letter “T”. This is a very serious shoulder workout mistake.Expanding arms completely will affect the elbow joints (the pressure to the elbows is very high) and you should never lock any joint in any workout.



6.    Lock your arms as letter “L”

Another popular shoulder workout mistake is you regularly lift the dumbbells too highly and down the dumbbells too lowly. You not only waste your time but also do not get any effect.

Everyone thinks the heavier dumbbells, more effective. This is not true because you use the heavier dumbbells and you don’t concern about the most reasonable and average weight that you can lift.

You should better do consecutively the workout that you’re doing correctly instead of using heavier dumbbells. You will get more effects and you can easily do your workout with heavier dumbbells later.


With these six shoulder workout mistakes. We hope will you will quickly have a firm, stronger and more beautiful shoulder. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more useful posts for you gym workout. Keep fit, stay healthy!. 



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