chest workout for women

Today, many women feel very unconfident in the day life because of the small chest. They’ve looked for many chest workout exercises for women or attend in fitness center to “look for” a nice and attractive chest. This chest workout for women at home below will help all women, who want to have sexy body, especially for a nice and attractive chest to actualize the desire as many people say “Men beard, women breast”.

  1. Push-up – chest workout for a bigger chest.

Many people do this exercise incorrectly even though it’s very simple, this leads to the inefficient while doing chest workout. If you do this chest workout for women at the first time, you should have a piece of wood with the height from 20 to 30 centimeters to do this exercise.

  • In the first position, you put your knees kneeling on the ground, the width of your shoulders, parallel with each other, and the two straight hands put on the platform. From the shoulders to the hips you must always keep them in a straight line.
  • Slowly bend the elbow perpendicularly downward, push the shoulders forward, inhale through the nose, and when lifted up, exhale through the mouth.

  1.  Chest enlargement – chest workout for women.
  • Posture 1: Sit up straightly, puff your chest, squeeze lightly palms together and raise your elbows with your shoulders.
  • Posture 2: Squeeze the palms of the hands and clench them around the back.
  • Posture 3: Knelt on the carpet, sitting on the heel, hands knit together on the back of the head. Slowly rise up and gently bend your shoulders back so you can feel your chest widely open.
  • Hold for a moment then repeat the action over and over again.

Each day you only need to spend 30 minutes to perform this exercise on a regular basis, you will definitely see a significant result with this chest workout.

  1. Chest workout with dumbbells.
  • The standing posture: Slightly bent forward a bit. Two hands hold to dumbbells.
  • Consecutively put two dumbbells forward then push back, repeated consecutively.

You can arrange a time to go to the gym every day or buy a self-study kit at home to save time. Persevere in the chest workout, you will definitely achieve a measure of chest like, no chest sagging, small, flat chest.

  1. Compositive chest workout for women to grow chest size effectively.

With this exercise, you only need to spend 10 minutes each day with three simple steps, we ensure the results will surprise you. However, in addition to exercising, to bring the nicest chest you should incorporate diet.

  • Posture 1:
  • Stand away about 20 centimeters from the wall, straight upright to shoulder width. One hand is perpendicular with the shoulder against the wall, the other is placed in front of the chest.
  •  Push your body against the wall, then back to its original position. Do the same 10 times, change hands consecutively, the force of the hand will make the chest muscles more active, increasing the size of the first round quickly.
  • Next, use both hands to push the wall 20 times. Then stand gradually away from the wall to increase efficiency.
  • Posture 2:
  • Lie down on the floor, knees touch the floor, legs crossed, hands down then do push-up.
  • Push the body down slowly down the floor, then back to its original posture. Do this chest workout about 20 times continuously.
  • Posture 3:
  • Stretch your legs and do push-up. However, you should keep in mind the body position, the body must always be parallel to the floor.
  1. The Yoga chest workout for a sagging chest.

Yoga exercises are a great way to keep fit, and for chest augmentation, yoga is a very effective way.

You can choose for yourself the proper postures that will help chest augmentation and a firmer chest. Some of the most popular postures include shoulder standing posture, head standing posture, and feet on the wall relaxing posture.

For the best results, you should practice yoga for long time with experts and instructors who will advise you on basic issues including breathing techniques and other postures.



The chest workout for women will help your chest healthy, fight many diseases such as tumors, cancer, etc and increase your chest size.

However, to increase the size of your chest size, it requires that you have to do these chest workouts for women for a long time and regularly

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