what is bikram yoga?

When people talked about yoga, especially about Bikram yoga, we imagine a class with full of sweaty bodies.


What is Bikram Yoga?

Take the most comfortable outfit, grab your mat and turn up the heat. Yes, we mentioned about Bikram yoga. Since everything left me as fast as it came from job, relationships and my boyfriend also but only one thing never ever left me alone – Bikram yoga. It rocks my life. 

For the first day I try Bikram yoga, I totally can’t stand anymore because it is too hot. Can you imagine that you practice yoga in a heated room look like the temperature at sauna room around 100 - 105 F. When you practice, you sweat but in this class, you sweat more and more. 


What is Bikram Yoga?
With a broken heart and nothing more to lose, I try to challenge myself with Bikram yoga. Sometimes I want to give up but I can’t because what doesn’t not kill you make you stronger. I try and try and I want to prove to my myself that I can do it, I did and let me tell you.

What to wear to Bikram yoga is also important to me. While it seems that you want to wear shorts because it is too hot, you have other options like legging or tight fitted capris because sweating in shorts makes your legs are too slippery, difficult for making balance posture. How about upper body? A tank top or sport bra is the best choice. Should not wear 100% cotton because it will absorb sweat and become heavy than usual. You can choose a tank top with an athletic fabric material. It helps you fell dryer and comfortable. What to wear to Bikram yoga is also a factor should discuss.


Let’s talk about Bikram yoga benefits

Let’s talk about Bikram yoga benefits. As we all know, yoga has a lot of benefits as well as Bikram yoga. The heated room will help you to burn fat and boost our metabolism. Bikram yoga also is good for women who want to lose weight, the one who suffer some common health problems such as back pain, neck pain, insomnia as well as improve sexual needs, detoxify your body.


 Let’s talk about Bikram yoga benefits

Cut those bullshit things about benefits of Bikram yoga, I want to talk about my experience. Bikram yoga is not for beginner level and you have to try the best. Through practicing yoga, I felt stronger both physically and mentally. The further I tried, the more productive I became and my performance increased as well.
For the breakup time with my boyfriend, I cried a lot and my emotions sometimes killed me but practicing yoga calmed my mind down especially heal my soul. I felt much better. I realized that Bikram yoga helps me to focus at the moment and everything else wiped away.

I do not intent to lose weight but actually I did. That quite surprised for me. When you try Bikram yoga, everything changes with unexpected way that you never think. My flexibility also takes me to a new level which made me more confident overall. From now, I am really ready to take a step with a healthy body both physically and mentally, a new life, new job and of course a new boyfriend.




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