very basic bikram yoga postures that you should know - part 1

Bikram yoga has 15 postures in yoga session. Here is what you need to know about Bikram yoga postures.

The method of Bikram yoga is practicing yoga in a heated room with a temperature about 100 – 105 F with high humidity. The session includes with 26 asanas for 90 minutes. Take a look at Bikram yoga postures.

1. Pranayama

As usual, breathing technique is always the first exercise of yoga practicing. In Bikram yoga, we named it pranayama. Pranayama increases your focus and calm down your mind as well. It brings oxygen to your body and improves blood circulation.



Very simple Bikram yoga postures that you should know


2. Half moon pose

Half moon pose in order to strengthens your core. It increases your spine and also improve kidney’s function. It firms your body and tones your hips…


Half moon pose


3. Awkward pose

Awkward pose to stretch your hips, spine and chest. It also strengthens your legs as well as relives joint and back pain.


Awkward pose


4. Eagle pose

Eagle pose in Bikram yoga postures in order to improves flexibility of hips, knees and ankle and your joints as well. It brings fresh blood flow to your kidneys and other organs and also reproductive organs. This postures also increase your focus and the ability of balance.

Eagle pose


5. Standing head

Standing head to knee pose strengthens your hamstring and leg muscles. This pose is highly challenging balance, make sure to work it slowly to hold this posture. It improves concentration and mental strength as well. It also tightens abdominal and thigh muscles. 

Standing head



6. Standing bow - pulling pose

Standing bow - pulling pose develops balance and firms your upper thighs. It also improves flexibility and strengthens of most of body’s muscles. 


Standing bow - pulling pose


7. Balancing stick

Balancing stick pose stretches your heart muscle and strengthens your concentration. It also provides full spinal stress relief.


Balancing stick

8.  Standing separate

Standing separate with leg stretching pose in order to messages the abdominal organs. It also boosts circulation to brain and increases flexibility.


Standing separate


9. Triangle pose

Triangle pose revitalizes your veins, tissue…. It also improves every joints, muscle as well as internal organs. Triangle pose is one of Bikram yoga postures in order to opens and increase flexibility of hip joints. 

Triangle pose


10. Standing separate

Standing separate head to knee pose massages and compresses gland as well as helps to regulate the metabolism and boosts immune system. 


Standing separate

11.  Tree pose

Tree pose increase flexibility of your hips, joints and ankle. It also relieves lower back pain, releases tension in belly and improves balance.

Tree pose

 12. Toe stand pose

Toe stand pose helps you to strengthens and opens up your knees as well. It also prepares body for relaxation and stillness. Moreover, toe stand pose builds balance, concentration and core strength.


Toe stand pose



13. The postures for relaxation

After these Bikram yoga postures is the postures for relaxation. Dead body pose relaxes and cleans your body internally. It releases stress, anxiety, depression and tension. It also calm mind, reduce insomnia and improves sleep.


The postures for relaxation


14. Wind relieving pose

Wind relieving pose in order to help to compresses and massages your digestive system. It also strengthens your arms and improves flexibility, your tones and thighs.


Wind relieving pose


15. Sit up pose

Sit up pose helps to stretch spine and increases flexibility as Half Moon does.

Sit up pose


This is the total of 15 basic Bikram yoga postures that you perform in each Bikram yoga session. You should try practice and gain benefits from them. Namaste!



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