how can you do ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss?

Many of us have considered about can we use ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss?

Easy ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss

Nowadays, overweight or obesity is one of the issues that you concern most. People use every way they can such as go to the gym to workout or running/walking in the part. In the other hand, someone who wants to lose their weight immediately that let you do some bad ways like eat functional food intensive to achieve it.


But it has a very simple solution to both solve your overweight and make you feel happy is through yoga. Is it true? A  lot of people believe it but has to follow and know how to do the right method.

Yoga is variety and one of the most useful ways to prevent obesity is practicing Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss. We all know it’s easy to gain weight by the increasing of calories that appear in your food and beverage you consume every day. 

And sometimes, calories intake is higher than the energy expended in your daily activities which include a workout. So the way you apply Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss is quite easy by eating a little the foods have calories intake lower than calories expended while doing workout more. 


The fact that doing other exercises like workout can burn more calories than practicing ashtanga yoga but the practitioners can get more benefits because yoga is defined as the truth of beauty and can help your back in shape in a natural way. 

Practicing Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss impact on waking up your mindfulness to let yourself give a good choice about the way you eat and make it better in your daily life.

The more you practice Ashtanga yoga, the more calories you burn. Some recent researchers recorded that a person who tries to practice Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss has a transition from 155 pounds and he lose average 573 kcal per hours with time for a session of yoga is around 60-90 minutes. 

You can see that Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss is not only focus on the postures to stretch your body in order to burn the calories but also it let you control your breath and keep your mind calm due to meditation or relaxing time at the end of the class.


By doing this Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss, you should know that it’s the method to increase flexibility and help combination your body and soul into one. So, when you do the postures correctly, you can increase muscles mass as well as muscle tissue an individual to make the metabolic rate up. 

Therefore, you can create a greater capacity to achieve the purpose of losing your weight. So, here are some basic Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss that you should know:

➤ High Plank

➤ Warrior one pose

➤ Child’s pose

The way you use ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss is a journey that you challenge yourself. By following the instructions to do poses correctly and keep it for a long time, you can burn more calories and it’s the key for you to achieve your purpose on losing your weight. 

In addition, practice yoga can help you have a good health and fresh mind so that you can feel better and prevent stressful from everything around that make you depressed.


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